New design and pregnancy dreams

First off, isn’t the new design awesome? Chris did it for me and I love it. We’re trying to decide if it needs a little something else, but we can’t really figure out what right now. Suggestions are always welcome. I’m hoping for a “if you build it, they will come” scenario. But if that doesn’t work, whatever, it still looks stellar. Plus, it’s my own domain name. EEK! I got exactly what I wanted for our anniversary, and I didn’t have to drop hints. He had no idea I’d be so thrilled about something so completely geeky.

Second off, there are two gatherings to look forward to every summer for my family. The first being the adult birthday dinner, where my parents take all their children and their childrens’ respective partners out to dinner to do just one huge birthday dinner where we make homemade cards for everyone but my sister and Chris. They share a dinner gathering in November. The second being the kids’ birthday party, where all the nieces and nephews (except my oldest niece since she was born in January) share a birthday party. Last night was the birthday dinner, and instead of doing the normal finding a nice place to eat, talk and drink, we went bowling. It was an awesome time had by all, but after two and a half hours, I’m in so much pain as far as my abdomen goes. I can barely walk, and so I’m kind of stuck on the couch, which blows because I have laundry I need to do and it’s not going to do itself. But my god, it feels like Kinley is going to fall out with every step I take. And what sucks even more than needing to do laundry with all this pain?? Having to pee every couple of minutes and being forced to walk to the bathroom to do such an inconvenient thing. Ugh, only 13 more weeks at the most.

I had a strange dream kind of thing this morning. Caitlin is still sick, so when she woke up at 500, I went and brought her into the bedroom to lay down with me and Chris, hoping she’ll manage to rest up to kick this cough. I was still half asleep while I was settling her into bed with me and she was drinking her milk, grabbing at mouth, trying to feel my teeth. And as she was doing this, for some odd reason, I imagined she was working for TSA. She was examining my teeth to let me board a plane, but I wasn’t going to be allowed on because she found traces of steak in my teeth.
I didn’t even eat steak last night…


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