How have I *NOT* suffered from a serious heartattack yet?

Monkey child1 And this was after I pleaded with her to stop swinging so erratically while standing straight up on it. I don’t know if she understood why I was crying, but she stopped after I managed to slow her down safely without her flying off for the millionth time. She’s quite the climber, she can get onto almost any ledge without hesitation or trouble….I feel like I should get her a pair of aviator sunglasses and teach her to say “Danger? I eat danger for breakfast.” Which she actually does, it’s mixed in with her yogurt.


4 Responses

  1. That is scary!

  2. My middle kid, Brandon, is covered head to toe with bruises and scrapes. He NEVER stops climbing on things. The begging, pleading, rewarding, punishing, ignoring has yet to work. Good luck with that. Try not to stress too bad though, because they say kids will be kids.
    Watch for furniture that can easily topple though! eeek.

    • She’s only about 2 feet tall and gets onto everything, I swear. I like to think of myself as a pretty relaxed parent, but she just does things that terrify me!!

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