How pathetic is this??

Empty RollOur hall bathroom has been out of toilet paper for, like, four days now. We have toilet paper, but we store it in the closet in our bathroom, so there is no spare rolls in the hall bathroom. And instead of just grabbing a roll out of there when I’m leaving there anyway, I choose not to. So when I really need to pee, I waddle the extra 20 steps to our bathroom. Why? BECAUSE I’M NOT THE ONE WHO EMPTIED IT DAMMIT! It’s a matter of principle. Chris emptied the roll, so he needs to replace it. Eventually, one of us (95% certain it’ll be me) will give in and replace it, but until then, I’ll continue to waddle those extra 20 steps.

But I’m going to leave you with more pictures, of my model baby. Because I know you guys just can’t get enough of her silliness.


Playing with the Boppy Pillow


The letter G?


Hide and Seek

Ignore the towel that is laid down as a bathroom rug. Linux got a hold of ours and this is just a temporary solution until I get our new bathroom decor up. Anyway, I was sitting on the couch and started yelling “I’m gonna get you!” And she ran into the bathroom and hide behind the shower curtain. Is she smart or what!?


6 Responses

  1. Just so you know I was kinda stalking you, too. The comment you left on my trash post? That was I-DENTICAL to the one I was gonna leave on your toilet paper one. Maybe there are more of us out there than we suspected…

    look out world…

    • It’s funny, because when my husband got home he did the garbage, and silly me, not paying attention went to throw something away without paying attention…there was no bag.

  2. And btw I constantly have a towel subbing for a bath mat, what with two boys using the bathroom. Use your imagination.

  3. Your model baby is a cutie and a half!

    And who is Linux? As in the operating system? Awesome name!

    Hope you have a great day! (visiting from SITS)

    • Thank you! She’s a little camera hog so it’s always super easy to get a cute picture of her!! And yep, our dog in named Linux after the operating system. My husband is complete computer geek, but I named him because I’m awesome. :-P

  4. Also? I love that you took a picture of your empty toilet roll!

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