I think I created a monster…

So, after spending hours helping me with my new look and making me cool RSS Feed and Twitter buttons, Chris has decided he wants to start his own blog as well. A comic blog to be exact, where he’ll be using his mad Photoshop skills and drawing things. Because, just like me, he doesn’t receive enough attention and credit for his creative, albeit odd, being. And I completely supported him, thinking “YEA! DO IT! You’re so good at this. And people will go to my blog and be like, ‘OMG, who is her web designer?’ And I’ll tell them ‘Only my super amazing husband, go look at his blog and see what other ridiculous things he does with Photoshop!’ And they’ll be like, ‘Here’s all our money!! Be my web designer!!'” And it will be amazing. And since I’m such the supportive wife, I agree with his idea to make a super hero comedy comic strip for his blog.

And then he showed me his idea for his superhero…I won’t mention it here, since he is almost done making his first strip and then will be posting it on his own site. And I was not so shocked since I know his sense of humor. I will, however, say, some might not find it as funny as he certainly does, and I do as well. It’s not really offensive, just…not humorous (I know you are all dying to know what it could possibly be, let’s just say it involves a handicap symbol). Unfortunately, I can’t say I didn’t lend a little bit of a hand. I helped him think up the arch-nemesis, which might be slightly offensive. What can I say? We share the same sick sense of humor.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to hell now. And the worse part about it? My Twitter “follow me” button is currently on the fritz and he’s too busy with his comic to help me fix it. He’s forcing me to do it myself. I need to hire a new web designer.


2 Responses

  1. Your husband is way super amazing! I would hand him all of my web design money, except I have no budget for web design. I have fabulously talented husband who is great at web stuff, but not at all artistically inclined.

    So I am a teeny bit jealous.

    And I can’t wait to read the inappropriate comic book blog! Where is it?

    • You’re gonna make him all big headed and think he can leave me now! He’s still working on the comic, getting the first part of the first strip finished last night and making it more offensive than I had originally imagined it being. He got so excited to learn someone else other than myself will read it however, he’ll probably finish it tonight.

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