My Mom, my inspiration

My mom has always been the kind of mom who made sure her kids had not only what they needed, but what they wanted. We always went to bed the night before our birthday or on Christmas Eve confident we were getting exactly what we wanted for the next day. A key ingredient to being a good mom, going to extreme lengths to ensure your child’s happiness, sometimes, but not always, involving presents.

Another key ingredient my mom has? Support. We can always rely on her to be there for us if we need her. If we need a ride to work because our car is dead or has a flat tire? If she’s not able to do it, she’ll find someone who can. A shoulder to cry on when things are going bad? She’ll be there, sometimes with advise we don’t necessarily want to hear at that time, but she’s always right. Money for a lawyer, or to pay an electric bill, or something else? She’ll help. Her willingness to always help and find a way to help us has always taught us we can rely on her when we need. She’s always been a constant source of comfort and friendship, not only to us, but to our spouses and our friends. My mom has always been called “mom” by many more than just the five of us.

Recently, my parents decided to undertake the frustrating adventure of weight loss. And both have done extremely well, especially my mom. I won’t reveal the personal details of her achievements, but she has done such an incredible job! She is doing such an amazing job. Even when she reached what seemed like an infinitely long plateau, she didn’t just give up and accept defeat. She took a break, and then kept on going. She’s not a more beautiful version of herself (I’m not denying that she looks great), but a thinner, healthier, more CONFIDENT version. She even tried on a tankini when we went bathing suit shopping for her.

I’m so proud of how she has stuck with it and with the results she is receiving. She is sticking this through until she gets to her goal, which to me is awesome since many people give up. She’s inspired me to stick with blogging and writing even if I don’t get the results I want right away. And, of course she has those key ingredients of being a good mom, so when I need to brag about a small achievement, she’s there to listen.

Mom, I’m so proud of your hard work and proud of you!! I love you!!

Even as I write this, my mom is preparing to help me today. She doesn’t let us down.


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