My first and one true love.

Do you see this?
Candy Bucket1
Do you know what it is?
Candy Bucket2
This, my dear readers, is my weakness…
Candy Bucket3

To say I have a sweet tooth is an understatement. If I were an ancient Roman civilization, candy would be the single cause of my demise. I love candy. If candy were cocaine, I’d be…well, you know.
Reasons why I love candy:
1) Candy is always there for you when life is getting you down.
2) Candy doesn’t care if you haven’t showered all day and feel like a smelly beached whale.
3) Candy only wants to make you happy.
4) Candy listens when you say you’re not “in the mood.” He’ll be ready when you are baby.
5) Candy understands when you need some space, and will always be there waiting for you when you are ready for him.

So I love candy. It’s a wonder I: a) don’t have gestational diabetes right now; b) am not only not 400 lbs, but am struggling to keep the pound I gained since my last doctor’s appointment on; c) don’t have a gazillion cavities; d) don’t look like I just started puberty. Candy treats me good, I treat Candy good. Whereas most relationships are give, give, give and take, take, take, Candy and I have a beautiful understanding. He is there for me when I really need him and need someone to talk to, whether we are standing in the middle of a store, or it’s 300 in the morning and I’m just feeling down. He’s there. I’m so lucky to have Candy in my life. If only everybody could have such a loving and kind relationship…


4 Responses

  1. Oh I LOVE me some candy!! And I am SO coming over to take that off your hands!! ;)

  2. I LOVE that you started a sentence with, “If I were an ancient Roman civilization”.


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