Pregnancy still blows. And so does my dog.

Okay, so first off? I’m like officially 1000% positive my due date is wrong and instead of being due in August, I’m due, like, tomorrow. I’m sooo uncomfortable guys!!! It hurts to walk, stand, sit, lay down, BREATHE. I feel like I’m dying. I’ll be 28 weeks Saturday so that puts me at how many months? Exactly seven? And there are nine? Oh. My. God. I don’t remember this kind of pain with Caitlin. Oh, wait. Yes I do. WHEN I WAS GOING IN LABOR WITH HER AT 34 WEEKS. Sorry, the pain is just making me antsy. I’m trying to think of how to approach the possibility of my due date being wrong when I go in for my 28 week check up on Monday…because, I swear to any sort of god there may be, if I have to go through this kind of discomfort and pain with literally absolutely no relief for another 86 days, I will just reach up there and take him out myself. Yea, yea, I know, it’s part of pregnancy, shut the eff up before I go through this screen and eat your face, got it? I held off peeing for an hour and a half because I was too uncomfortable to bother trying to stand and place Caitlin in her crib, okay!?

Okay. I feel better now. Not physically, but Chris is sick so I feel bad bitching to him, so you provided me with great emotional relief. Whew. Thanks. I love you guys.

Anyway, we (and by “we,” I mean “my mom”) almost finished the babies room today. :) It’s completely painted and everything, we just need to get more decals for the last wall, and a couple more packs for the super cool wall mat. I’ll put up pictures when we have everything in place (minus Caitlin’s big girl bed she’ll have) and you will be soooo jealous. I know. It’s an underwater theme. We picked a beautiful blue-ish green, and we have some ocean decals like whales, octopi, dolphins and fish and what not. But no turtles. No turtles at all.

Speaking of turtles (that whole last sentence was just a sad excuse for a segue into this next part of my day yesterday), I love turtles. On my list of favorite animals, they are ranked at number two, right after dinosaurs and right before penguins. So, naturally, for Mother’s Day, I asked Chris for a red-eared slider so I could name him Tuck. Alas, purchasing a turtle from Petsmart requires you to purchase an ungodly amount of crap. Not just a 15 gallon tank and a couple of lights. A 55 gallon tank, three different lights, a special pool area and basking area, and other crap, so when it was all said and done, while the actual turtle would be $20, it would cost us about $1000, if not more, for everything else. And if you know anything about the employees of Petsmart, they are nazi’s when it comes to getting all the right equipment. So my dreams of turtle ownership were dashed…that is until my sister found a box turtle. And after a week of research and begging, Chris agreed he’d build an outdoor pen for him to keep. We made the pen, we provided a pool and shaded areas and all sorts of awesome stuff. The one thing we really needed but lacked at the time was chicken wire to put around it to keep Linux out. But that’s okay, we would get it the following Friday and it’d be good. We would just have to keep an eye on Linux.

Now, my box turtle was going to be named Tuck or Filburt, but he didn’t really look like either one of those. I named him Luke. Luke was a cool guy, he liked the shade, he liked to hang out in his pool, he liked staying away from Linux. Unfortunately for him, Linux liked to be around him. After a day of hanging out, I went to introduce mom to Luke and, *gasp*, he was gone. We began to comb the yard and found him, a little scratched, but okay. That prompted the immediate purchase of the chicken wire. And, unfortunately for him again, Chris didn’t get the chance to put it up. I found him, once again, in the yard on Sunday, tucked in his shell, overturned in the hot sun, scratched and bitten. I scooped him up, panicked, and tried to get him to come out of his shell, I showered him with water, put him in his bath, but nothing worked. We put him in the shade, and waited.

I checked on him for two days, but he didn’t move at all. I decided he was dead and began to plan his turtle funeral. I’m pretty much devastated, but I’m working through it. As I was in the kitchen making dinner (and by “making dinner,” I mean putting Stouffers lasagna in the oven) and I look out the window and OH MY GOD LUUUUUUUUKE!! There he lay, just an empty shell (literally and figuratively) of the turtle he once was. Linux put an end to my funeral plans, he took care of it for me. Seeing that only made me even more devastated. I lost my one and only turtle. My poor darling Luke.

Good night Sweet Turtle Prince.


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