Not the brightest crayon in the box

So, I’m on a strict diet plan, per my OB, who I like to call Dr. Anthony Anderson.
Anthony Anderson
Seriously, my doctor looks just like him, without the obnoxious high voice. And I love him. He is just great. Anyway, since I seem to be having trouble putting on weight I’m supposed to be drinking, like, three Ensure drinks a day. My next appointment is Monday and I have had a total of none. It’s not that I don’t like them, I really do think they are delicious, and the smell of all the vitamins and nutrients when you open them? Omnomnom. I just haven’t gotten around to actually buying any, so I haven’t been drinking any. Chris is anal retentive about my weight right now too and insists that when I’m not talking, I’m stuffing my pie hole full of some sort of edible deliciousness, and both of my parents are being insistent about this as well. Chris also asks me every now and then if I’ve weighed myself and what I’m at, so I haven’t been doing that either. I did for the last three days tho! I lost a couple of ounces on the second day and today had managed to get it back and then-some. So I told him, very excited. “I’m at 127 today.” That’s awesome. So I gained .4 of a pound. Great! I mean, .4 ounces. *He looks at me strange.* I mean, .4 pounds…*Continues to look at me strange* I’m not very good at this, am I? No, no you’re not. You’re pretty terrible at it.
So it turns out I can’ t figure out how to define a couple of ounces of weight gain. Damn our stupid uber-specific scale. Giving your weight right down to the ounce, you’re making my life difficult.

Tonight, Chris and I are doing something we haven’t done in a very long time. Brace yourselves…we’re watching a movie at home, by ourselves. Originally, the plan was he was going to go to a chili cook-off with a friend of his, but I waited until the last-minute to buy his ticket to make sure this is what he wanted to do and when I went to get it today, they were sold out. Plus, it’s just not a good time. So I was going to surprise him and take him to see Iron Man 2 at the new movie theater. And then it hit me, what would be even better?? Maybe finally watching one of those Netflix we have without having to get a baby to bed and then wake up. So an at home date-night. I’m pretty excited…I mean, seriously, we’ve had one of these movies since January. It’s now getting to be the end of May…it’s just plain sad. We’ll see how well this goes.

This post doesn’t make much sense does it? Or is it just me feeling like it doesn’t? Because, to be honest, I didn’t actually write this today, I wrote this last night. And I’m pretty effing tired, and to be honest, I’m not going to go back in the morning before this publishes and edit it. Because that’s how I roll.


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  1. Hi Pua,

    I know that it’s important to gain the appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy, so you probably should drink (I mean buy and then drink) loads of Ensure. My wife had some trouble gaining the pregnancy weight initially too. The funny thing is that years later (well you can laugh now, but you may not find it funny when it comes to this), you’ll wonder why it’s so hard to keep weight off!

    Hope you enjoyed the stay-at-home movie night. Having the Netflix CD since January is a long time. I know, because I just sent one back from March this week. Ray

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