Because you *really* care how my weekend was spent.

So Saturday night was date night, and it was pretty much awesome. My parents picked Caitlin up on their way to go out while Chris was picking up Chipotle (since we decided to not go to a movie, we at least got dinner) and sodas. Once he got home we settled in and watched The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day FINALLY after having it sitting in the red envelope forever. It was amazing to be able to sit and watch a movie on our couch all the way through without having to pause to put the baby back to bed, or change a diaper. It was incredible. Just as the credits were rolling however, it was stormy and rainy and we both started missing our baby, regardless of how much we enjoyed the peace. My mom can apparently reads minds because as soon as we started discussing picking her up and where they were at the time, she called to double-check we were ready for her to come home. It was great having that night to ourselves, but honestly, I wouldn’t change having her for the world. I’d give up every date night, she’s so perfect.

Unfortunately, she fell asleep almost right after coming home, which was cool and kind of sucky at the same time. She had exhausted herself with her Nonnie and Paka to the point where she couldn’t even play a little bit with her momma. She slept all night however which was awesome. But guess who has two thumbs and didn’t sleep pretty much all night? That’s right…This chick right here. (I was gonna put a picture up of me pointing to myself, but I seem to have misplaced my camera. No good.) I pretty much felt like my insides were a part of an epic battle of life or death, the winning gladiator being the (probably) 14 inches long and 2 and a half pound baby boy inside. My lady bits don’t stand a chance against him when he decides to come out. He probably has swords as arms or something, because that’s exactly what it feels like. How weird would that be??

Kinley Sword1This is exactly why I don’t mess with Photoshop myself. I’m really sucky at it…HAHAHA This just looks terrible, but it gets my point across doesn’t it? It didn’t occur to me that maybe his sword-arm should be a little lower, but it’s too late now and I’m way too lazy to go back and fix it. Here’s Chris’ version, which is much better than mine.
Kinley Sword2It’s cleaner looking. He knows how to use Photoshop. I don’t.


What I really don’t get is the fact that I was the one up all night, uncomfortable and sick and miserable, and I only really slept for an hour from about 930-1030 am and at 1145 guess who has to thumbs went to go take a nap?? NOT this chick. Instead it was Chris. I try not to be frustrated, but he’s so lucky. Caitlin doesn’t care if he goes to take a nap, she does, however, if I do. So in true fashion of our household, our Sunday was spent in our pajamas all day, Chris playing video games or playing with Caitlin, me on my laptop or playing with Caitlin, Caitlin playing by herself or with one of us or sleeping. We also added ripping bananas in half as a way to open them to that list of “Sunday Shenanigans” this week. Apparently, it’s really easy to do and a lot of fun to. Especially if you make the noise.

I was supposed to have my 28 week check up today, but canceled it because it was too early in the morning. So once that happens I’ll post about that, just to keep you updated on the “am I on bed rest for the next 2 months or aren’t I.” At this point, with Caitlin around, it won’t suck as much. I was just soooo bored last time because I spent two weeks at home doing absolutely nothing. It was awful. I had nothing to clean, no babies to take care, nothing. Bed rest without kids really blows.


2 Responses

  1. That picture is the perfect depiction of how it feels to be pregnant. We need to show this to ALL the menfolk out there!

    I hate bed rest. I had to do that crap for the bigger parts of all three pregnancies. This last one was a doozie, what with being on hospital bed rest for a solid 3 weeks. For your sake I hope that they say you can run a marathon because you are in great shape. Here’s hoping right?

    • Bed rest does suck. I’m really hoping that if they say it’s necessary it will continue to bed “mild to moderate” (whatever that means) like I am now, rather than taking away my car keys and putting my child in foster care until I pop this one out.
      And as far as the sword arms, oh my god I know. I just wish for one day one man could be a pregnant woman during the “uncomfortable” stage. Word would spread like wild fire of how crappy it is and Mother’s Day would be like Christmas.

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