Conversations with my husband

Tonight, over dinner, I was talking to Chris about my frustrations with the doctor’s office. I called to get his Ritalin prescription written on Friday morning and didn’t receive a call about it being written until this afternoon. Now, this is frustrating for two reasons. One, I used to work there, not at that particular office, but for the practice, as a receptionist. I know how that office works, or rather, lack of proper working. It’s frustrating. Two, I’m also frustrated at Chris because he should have told me prior to Friday that he would be out on Monday. He knows how this works. He’s been taking the meds for going on three years now. If he doesn’t tell me at least a week before he runs out, he might go a day without, which he will be now. I’m also equally frustrated with myself for not going back and double checking how many days he had left. I know better than to expect him to remember to tell me little things like that, it’s part of the reason he needs the Ritalin in the first place. So now that we have a little background…I’m bold, he’s italics.
I’m going to be pissed too if it’s messed up. I will throw a bitch fit if it’s written wrong because I even SPECIFIED that it was 20 mg, twice a day, quantity of 60.
It’s not 20 mg twice day. It’s 2o mg two in the morning.
That’s what I said.
No, you said twice a day.
It’s the same thing.
No, it means I take 40 mg in the morning.
Yes, I know. Two 20 mg pills twice a day.
Taking it twice a day is not the same as two in the morning.
Seriously, does it matter? As long as they give you 60 I don’t give a shit how they define it. You’re just trying to nit-pick.
I’m just saying.

He’s a little bit special.


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