Just another day in the life of a stay-at-home mom

The days never end…at least they feel like they don’t sometimes. There is always something to do. Laundry to wash, dry, fold. Dishes to wash, dry, put away. Toys to find. Blankets to find. Always a diaper to change or a snack to make, bottles that need to be cleaned and filled with milk. Sometimes the only relief is nap time. Sometimes there is no relief. Everyday is something new, and yet every day is the same.

Prescriptions to fill, groceries to buy, movies to return, pants to iron. Every day is filled.

A baby to chase. A baby to take care of. A baby to play with. A baby crying, a baby laughing. Every day is exhausting.

Dinners to cook, meals to plan, bills to juggle, checkbooks to balance. Every day.

I’m not sure why people think it’s easy, why they think it’s not work. Stay-at-home mom’s might not bring in a paycheck (sometimes they do), but their job is essential to the running of a smooth household. Everyday Chris reminds me he’d be lost without me. Where are my pants? Where are my keys? Where is my wallet? Where is my cell phone? So if I’m such an important part of the daily operation of my home and my husband’s life, why do people look down on me for a choice my husband and I made together?

I just don’t get some people.


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