“Well, that’s awesome news, isn’t it?”

So I had my 28 week check-up today. I wasn’t scheduled with Dr. Anthony Anderson, but the doctor I was scheduled with got caught up with a C-Section at lunch so I saw another one I’d never seen before, who I will lovingly call Dr. Jamaican Lady.

So, I saw Dr. Jamaican Lady, after waiting for nearly an hour past my appointment. I love my OB office, but they are always super crowded and always take forever. But for the attention to detail you get from 90% of the doctor’s and the comfort they provide, it’s so worth it. Dr. Jamaican Lady was really nice, very smiley and happy. After looking in my chart she asked me about my pregnancy with Caitlin, since I gave birth to her at 36 weeks. I explained I had started labor at 34 weeks and my other normal OB, Dr. Small Hands, managed to put it on hold for another couple of weeks. By the time I had my 36 week check up, Caitlin was in position so it was kind of futile to try to stop it any longer.

She, of course, said the same thing all the doctor’s say when they see me for the first time. “Hopefully this one will decide to stay in there longer! Hahaha!” Haha, very funny joke. Yes, we can hope. As she was measuring my belly she asked about contractions and anything abnormal. I explained that with Caitlin, it was only back labor, and since my back is a freaking mine field of pain, it’s hard to differentiate between my normal back pain and “oh my god the baby’s coming” back pain. But I mention the really horrible lower abdominal discomfort I feel at times, and something else I won’t mention because it’s totally gross but if you’ve had a baby, you can imagine what it might be. Think gross, and involving labor. And I don’t mean my water breaking (thank god). “Oh, you might be losing that (the gross thing). We’ll check in a couple of weeks.” And so she started feeling for the baby and, “Oh, he’s pretty low. That’s the discomfort you’re feeling. He’s just kind of chilling on you. Have you been feeling him move normally?” Yep, I feel him moving. A lot. And like it was a cue, he kicked. “Okay, that’s good, that means he isn’t fully in position yet. Yea, his head is down. Hahaha!” Oh, sweet. Your awkward, trying-to-make-me-feel-confident-laugh? Well, it’s failing. Miserably. “Doesn’t mean he won’t go breech again in a couple of days. As long as he is still moving, he isn’t fully in position. Who knows? He might come after 36 weeks, he might come before. We can’t really tell at this point. But if we check it out and you really are losing that totally gross thing, he’ll probably be coming before. Hahaha! We’ll schedule you for two weeks and you should be good until then.” Thanks Dr. Jamaican Lady.

So my next appointment is in exactly three weeks actually, because my parents will be gone in two weeks. Whateves. So I’m still on mild-moderate bed rest. Mild housework, no mowing the grass, no standing on chairs or counters, no exercising. Fun shit. At least I’m not laid up in a hospital bed I guess.

So, after that, my mom and I went to Target so I could get a binder for my meal planner and get Chris’ prescription filled. As we’re walking she says “Is there something wrong with us because everyone keeps staring. Have you noticed?” No, I didn’t. There is nothing on our faces. So she continues, “I mean, I can’t figure it out. Everyone just keeps staring at us. I’m trying to figure out if it’s because something is wrong or are we just that awesome?” I bust out laughing. My mom is awesome.

PS, pretty sure this will be the last time I have two posts publish a day. I’m just going to save my good shit instead of posting it in the mornings. Unless I have something super awesome to add. I know, you guys are distraught.


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