List of annoyances

First off, today is my brother-in-law’s birthday, so happy birthday Derek! He’s not actually my brother-in-law (yet) but it’s only a matter of time. He’s one of the nicest guys ever and totally gets Chris and I’s whacked out sense of humor. Plus, he treats my sister like gold and my nieces and nephew. He’s completely amazing and my sister deserves to have a great guy like him in her life, and he is completely lucky to have my sister.


I’m not gonna lie, I’m annoyed right now. I’m sitting here minding my own business and I’m super annoyed just…because…don’t question me. I’m just having a rally horrible day so far and I’m dreading what more this day could bring. So I figured I’d let you, my dear readers, peek into my mind to see what annoys me. I don’t know. Lists are fun. I thought it might make me feel better.

1) Why is it that Franklin (and his sister) are the only characters with actual names?? Are the other characters not deserving of names other than what animal they are??? It pisses me off that he thinks he’s some deserving turtle just because he has a name. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but doesn’t Bear deserve a name!?

2) My belly is lopsided because Kinley is apparently digging the right side more than the left. I look like a goddamn ski slope.

3) I think Caitlin is doing a sleep/hunger strike. She will only eat and sleep a little bit. And not really when I want her to. She’s been throwing her dinner on the floor and when I take her out of her seat, she starts eating it (off the floor) before I have the chance to sweep it up. If I sweep it up first, she screams bloody murder. And since she isn’t sleeping very well, she’s constantly bratty. She trips because she’s tired and can’t walk straight? She screams. She’s not hurt, I watched her. Whatever.

4) I feel like the half-ton man. I can barely breath when I’m sitting on my couch in the air conditioning. Add the fact that I need to actually leave the house some days and it’s been in the 90’s all week, oh and I have no shorts that fit, and you find me sweating and huffing like I just ran 10 miles. No, I didn’t, I just went to check the mail. And my bra isn’t making it any better. It just feels like it’s making it more difficult to breath but I am NOT one of those girls who can go without. Not because of size, (well, partially) but because I just find it awkward.

5) Where the hell are Max and Ruby’s parents??? And why is this six year old girl taking care of her (obviously) special needs baby brother with only slight help from her grandma?? Plus, she’s annoying and a bitch.

6) Our internet is being really crappy this week. We don’t get high speed DSL or anything like that where we live, so our choices are dial-up (uh, no?), satellite (too expensive) or a broadband card. We have the broadband card it’s just being a total asshat this week. Yesterday, it shut off on me for two hours in the middle of figuring out bills. I was furious and starting trying to figure out another internet option, but those are still the only three choices we have. But at least housing is cheaper than, like, 90% of the rest of the state.

7) I hate it when I find stuff I really don’t want to have seen. Like, last night, I’m sitting, minding my own business, and I stumble upon a pedophiles blog. Yes. Pedophile. I only read like two things and then I completely lost my appetite. It just made my stomach churn horribly. *Sigh*

8) Chris beats his games waaay too quickly. The one I bought him for his anniversary and gave to him early? Beat it. The one he got for like $4 on Sunday, beat. Luckily, there are two more games he got the same day and all the ones he was playing prior to getting his anniversary game. *Sigh* Well, as long as we watch The Bacherlorette and Big Brother, I don’t really care. Momma needs her trashy summer programming!!

Speaking of The Bacherlorette, did anyone else think Frank looked like Anthony Rapp??



Anthony Rapp

Anthony Rapp

The pictures don’t do the comparisons much justice, but Monday, when you’re watching? Look. No offense to Anthony Rapp, I think he is amazingly talented…I just don’t think Ali is his type.
And Craig M.?

Craig M.

Oh my god, what a douche. Ugh, he is my least favorite I think. Whatta creep.

What was I talking about again? Oh yea, annoyances. Add Craig M. to that.

9) Craig M. Enough said.

And finally, 10) Caitlin has the greasiest paws ever. She touches our coffee table and just leaves a film of grim in her wake. I have to clean it about 15 times a day, it’s just so gross.

So, other than a happy birthday to my most favoritist brother-in-law, there is absolutely nothing positive in this post. And it worked, I feel better than when I started. Mostly because looking back on the pictures from The Bacherlorette I laughed copious amounts because some of those guys are most obviously gay. I like Chris L., but really he is the only one I felt the teeniest bit of a connection with. Roberto is okay, but he has a slight creep factor. And Kasey is SUCH A DOLL, but the voice…and the fact that it turns out he might be crazy…yea. Turn off.

How did I start on this tangent again?

One more thing, WHAT THE HELL IS AN “OUTDOORSMAN”??? Did he have a real job or not? Okay, no, seriously, I’m done.


3 Responses

  1. I think Max is a genious. Also a saint to put up with that bossy sister of his.

    • I’m not sure about genius..he only says one word an episode. But then again, Ruby is not the brightest one because she never actually LISTENS to her. And he really is a saint for dealing with her. UGH I would hate having her as a sister.

      • If you pay attention max may only say one word in each story but he is always right in the end. If ruby would shut the hell up and listen to max she would be able to solve whatever problem a 6 year old bunny rabbit could possibly have.

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