Summertime: Lots of pictures.

Chris and Cait1We love the summertime in our household. We love everything about it, the heat (Chris likes the AC tho too while I can do without it most days), the yummy food it provokes, flip flops and shorts. Our favorite thing about summer?? The beach. However, we’re still another hour and a half away from the beach, and it’s a shitty “beach” (not a real beach) anyway so we do the next best thing. Head over to my parents. We all live in a lakeside gated community, and while Chris and I live on the other side from them and on one of the side streets, they live right on the water.

It’s been hot here in Virginia the last few days (other than the rain we had a couple of times) so today Chris and I decided to spend our day out at the lake. Sunday’s are days usually spent napping and doing laundry, but since it’s a three day weekend for him, we decided to use it. Plus, Caitlin was too young to go out in the water last year, and she hasn’t ever gone swimming. She loves bathes tho.

Chris and Cait2And she loved swimming too.
Caitlin1Caitlin2Pua1Swimming1Caitlin3Family1ViewNonnie and CaitJetski1This is how our days are spent in the summer….swimming and boating and it’s pretty awesome.


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