Happy Memorial Day

I don’t get Memorial Day. No, no, I mean, I understand what it’s about. I get that we’re supposed to be honoring and remembering those who have died for our country. But, to me, why do we need a holiday to do that? In the universe I grew up in, that was everyday.

My father is a retired Marine Colonel. The life my siblings and I lived was that of military children. My siblings moved more than I did, but we lived on military bases, (for the most part) went to DoD schools (for the most part), we had cake of November 10, and grew up knowing that you stand up when the National Anthem is playing (I didn’t realize people didn’t know that until my oldest brother graduated from boot camp). This was the life that was normal for us. Our friends were in the same situation as us, this was just the way life was. Many of my friends I grew up with joined the military themselves or married to the service, my family not very different. My three brothers all joined the Marines, and I myself planned on marrying one. (Needless to say, that didn’t happen, as it turns out, the Marines can’t change everything about a person.) It’s just the way life is for us.

Everyday is a reminder of what those in service sacrifice, and what their families sacrifice as well. Always has been, always will be.
My mom birthed many babies without my father present, and raised them many a day without him present.
All of us had to leave friends behind, or be left behind ourselves because there was somewhere else our parents were needed.
There were many nights that my dad wasn’t home, and so I slept in bed with my mom.
Pat (the fourth in line of our family) went to the Iraq war three times, lost many friends there. But he came home to us safely every year, and for that we are grateful.
We wrote many letters and filled many care packages for those overseas at war.
There are many people we loved dearly who lost their lives in war.
Honoring and remembering those who leave behind family and friends was never a thing we only did on a day of remembrance and a three day weekend, but on a daily basis. It was just something not questioned.

But I realize this isn’t something every person does every day. There are people out there who, when listening to the news, don’t listen harder when something about the military makes it on. I’m not one of those people, but I realize those people do exist. There are people who need a special day to remember those fallen…

Happy Memorial Day to those who made it home, those who didn’t, and thank you.


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  1. Visiting from SITS….Happy Memorial Day and a great post to remind us of the sacrifices that the people in the military make for us all…

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