Laundry day

I hate doing laundry. Then again, who doesn’t? But, honestly, it is the bane of my existence as a mother and housewife. Laundry is the most time consuming task for me, simply because I’m completely OCD about it. It is the one thing that I can’t just “do”. And even tho I have a good system, it’s a serious undertaking that takes all day, and if I’m not paying attention, it can easily turn into two.

That’s why Sunday’s are laundry days for my family, because it’s the only day we really don’t do anything but sit around in our underwear anyway. Going anywhere on laundry day is completely out of the question because going out requires wearing clothes, and wearing clothes requires them to have to be washed. By the end of a good laundry day, there is not a stitch of clothes in the washer, dryer or any of the baskets, including the dirty clothes hamper. That’s why it’s important that I finish in one day, otherwise I will wash clothes every single day. The idea of having clothes still dirty when I just finished washing numerous amounts is panic inducing.

I have a lot of quirks that have developed involving laundry. Like the fact that if clothes sit in a basket long enough to get cold, I can no longer just fold them. They have to be washed again before being folded and put away. And since I hate having to do that, a lot of times they just sit in the basket until the next laundry day, at which point the load is twice as large. Same thing goes with the dryer. If items are left in the dryer longer than a day, two days tops, restarting them doesn’t remove the germs that I feel have made their way onto them. I know, I’m a psycho. Not only that, but the clothes are not dry after one round in the dryer. It often takes two, sometimes three (no really, our dryer sucks so that isn’t so much OCD as it is obnoxious). And forget about leaving clothes in the washer after it has finished it’s cycle, those bad boys need to go into the dryer immediately. So it turns into a balancing act of knowing when to start the clothes in the washer so that the clothes in the dryer are finished and I’ll have a moment to fold them before they get cold. Plus, making sure I’ll be home, awake and not doing other stuff to restart the dryer once it’s finished it’s first cycle.

Add on the fact that everything that has touched a person’s body, even if only for a minute while trying it on, needs to be washed. The most disgusting thing Chris does to me is put on a shirt, wears it for a minute and then takes it off and throws it in his dresser. Now, the thing with this is, it doesn’t bother me if it’s a quick change and can easily be folded nicely again. Plus it can’t have any deodorant stains on it. If those white marks are on the shirt, or I can smell the deodorant, it’s in the dirty basket. And he tries on probably every shirt he owns before picking one out, and he wears most of them for several moments before changing his mind. So the shirts he had worn prior to finally finding “the one” are covered in deodorant marks and sweat smells.

So laundry day starts around nine or ten and ends by six usually. And if it’s not finished on Sunday, don’t expect me to make any plans on Monday unless absolutely necessary, because I won’t be doing them. I’ll be happily sitting naked in my house as will Caitlin. Basically, if you ever really need your clothes washed all in one day and everything folded and put away, I’m your girl. Because I’m just OCD enough to make sure it’s done.


3 Responses

  1. There are days when we might end up without clothes if I don’t do it several times a week. Stopping for SITS!

  2. Your laundry sounds stressful and EXHAUSTING! You would hate the way I do laundry. All the stuff that bothers you? I do. And clothes sit in the basket for a long time, because I make the girls fold their clothes, and they do not get to it before the cooling starts, believe me.

    Yikes to you!

    • It is stressful, but it used not be. We used to live out of laundry baskets and the dryer. Didn’t bother me at all, and then, suddenly, things changed. And it’s been stressful since. *Sigh*

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