Bad Mommy, bad!

So night three of staying at my parents while they are on vacation (or as I call it Hanging @ Mr. Cooper’s) has successfully come to an end. Well, maybe not successfully, but it’s over. Three nights down, three to go. It’s not that doing this is inconvenient, because it’s not. It’s actually extremely easy because all it requires is taking care of the dogs, birds and a hermit crab, and it’s a lot of fun because we hang out all day at the lake and all night in the basement playing games and watching tv on their big screen tv. It’s just, Caitlin is not adjusting well to coming here and my mom not being home. Every day we wake up in bed, hang out a bit, feed all the creatures, then head back to our house to do the same for ours. Once everyone is fed at our house and we’re showered and ready, we go back to my parents at which point Caitlin excitedly starts to squeal “Non non non non Mim Mim Mimi Mimi!” Both of which are her names for her. Upon entering the house she quickly comes to the realization that no, Nonnie/Mimi and Paka are not home yet. So we’re playing at their house, yet again, and they aren’t even there to enjoy it. And when I tell her we’re going bye-bye? She points to my mom’s red van and then waves. She knows that at Nonnie’s, that’s the mode of transportation. And she also knows, their house is a place of play, not sleep.

That’s where stuff gets ugly. She’s been having trouble getting to sleep as it is, add on that she isn’t sleeping in her crib this week, but a pack and play at Nonnie’s, or in my parents bed. It takes forever getting her to sleep in the first place and even then, putting her in the pack and play just wakes her ass up. That’s if we’re lucky Lilly, the asshole dog, doesn’t bark at us as we’re doing this. Last night, we were NOT going to play the game of “will she or won’t she?” Her cute little butt didn’t take a nap all day, we made sure of that. Around six we went home to let in Linux before the storm came and pack up Chris’ work clothes for today. She started to fall asleep in the car while we were doing this. Effing sweet. Pop a bottle of milk in her mouth and by the time we get back to my parents she’ll be conked out…right? Nope. By the time we got back to my parents she was still only half asleep, and while putting her in the pack and play, she screamed herself awake. So not sweet. I gave up, seriously just gave up. Picked her up and brought her downstairs where she finished her milk, wobbled around sleepily and cried because she had no more milk. Chris had to go get his shoes from our house anyway, so I begged him to take her with him so I could get a moments peace and asked him to bring the milk (since we drank all my parents. Sorry folks) and her Benadryl.

By the time he got home, she was out but when he went to put her in her pack and play, of course she was awake again! That’s how she rolls. I’m totally frustrated and wanting her to sleep at this point, so I give her the Benadryl. Now before you judge me, realize this, I do not give this to her every night. In fact, it’s a rarity. The last time she got it was because she was horrendously sick and couldn’t breath. But seriously, home girl needs some sleep tonight, and so Benadryl and a bottle it was. And it knocked her out. As she laid in my arms in the basement at least, but once we get her in the pack and play, whoop, she’s up. But not completely. So after about 30 minutes of me rubbing her back and her just not wanting to sleep, I leave. I decide to give her a few minutes to herself, so I can recuperate and go back into the room ready to try again and remain calm. So I join Chris in the basement and quickly realize, I can’t hear her. I know she’s safe, but I can’t hear her crying. This is just making it that much easier to deal with it. I even mentioned to Chris that I knew she wasn’t asleep, but it was so much easier to pretend that she was because I couldn’t hear her. He thought that was hilarious….yea, I crack my husband up with my cruel jokes of the ease of crying-it-out when one can’t hear their child. But, she did it, she got herself to sleep. I felt terrible because I know it wasn’t a restful sleep, but she did it, and the fact I couldn’t hear her made it easier for me to not fly off the hormonal handle and get easily defeated. I enjoyed bedtime for the first time in months.

Until 430 in the morning when Bella, the good dog, started barking because she had to go out and it woke everyone up. The baby just wanted milk, Chris turned into another one of his alter-egos I named Mr. Complainy Pants. When he turns into Mr. Complainy Pants he bitches about EVERYTHING and usually I end up wanting to kill him because it feels like it never ends. And so he keeps me awake with his complaining, because Mr. Complainy Pants loves company. Thank god he eventually walked out of the room to go complain about something else somewhere else, and hopefully he will turn back into Chris by the time he gets home.

Only three more nights to go…hopefully Benadryl or alcohol won’t have to be involved.

And they don’t even plan on making me beignets when they get back. WHERE’S THE LOVE MOM AND DAD???




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