The chick

My sister and her fiancee live in this beautiful house, in the middle of no where on a good amount of land, just the two of them, my nieces and nephew, their dog, and their (three, I think) cats. They were going to get a lamb this season to raise, but that didn’t happen for one reason or another, I can’t remember. I tried to convince her to raise my milking cow, but she declined saying she didn’t have any room for a cow or didn’t want a cow, or something. I can’t remember. So you know what they got instead? Baby chicks. They have some 40-something baby chicks and another 2 dozen eggs incubating. Yea. That’s a lot of chicks. But she didn’t want my cow. I see how it is.

Anyway, the chicks are adorable. I haven’t seen them in person because she just got them, but I’m thinking a trip to her house is needed soon to see them. But I’ve seen pictures and oh my gosh they are sooo cute. Little fluffy balls of yellow and white and black and poop! They truly are adorable and in good hands, so long as one of the cats doesn’t figure out how to get into my brother-in-law’s man-cave where they are staying.

But something is amiss! What is this??

madichickOne of my beautiful nieces looks seriously concerned as she holds this little fluff of yellow and poop. That’s because she’s holding the little sick chick they also received. My poor niece. She’s about to really be scarred for life, because, well, she still thinks her hamster Her is at the vet. I was 15 when that hamster died. I can’t even think of how young that makes her, I can’t even remember how old she is right now. I think she’s like 9? 10 maybe? I’m not a terrible aunt, I’ve just been an aunt since I was 12 and I have 12 of them and they are hard to keep track of. I know first names and middle names (for the most part) and can pick them out by face. And when it comes down to it, that’s all that matters.

Anyway, I just had to share that picture because as sad as it is, it’s still cute. And to be fair, here are the other two members of her brood.

anniechickpaddychickAnd my sister? The best photographer you will ever meet. Seriously, she is. This are cell phone pictures and they still look good. But anytime you see Bumblebee Photography on the photos, those are her’s. Yea, that’s who took those. My sister. She’s that good.

I guess this would count as a Wordful Wednesday from Angie at Seven Clown Circus. :)

(I can’t get her button to work for the LIFE of me, but imagine this is where it would go)


6 Responses

  1. Awww…thanks for the compliments on my photography little sis! I need to do your maternity pics still.
    There are 44 chicks, 19 eggs (we had 20 but one met an untimely fate), 2 cats, 1 dog, and a fish (named Cameron). We will need to get rid of many roosters so that won’t be the final number. The sick chick was looking almost completely healthy but he’s taken a turn for the worse.
    Oh and Madi is almost 11. ;) She would glare at you with preteen rage if she heard you say “9”.

    • WHEN DID SHE TURN 11!? How old is Claudia then? 14?? I need to make a cheat sheet with full names and date of births.

      • Claudia is 12.5.
        Here is the run down:
        Claudia: 12 1/2
        Emily: will be 12 on your birthday
        Madi: will be 11 in August
        Bo:11 three days after Madi
        Stone: just turned 10 last month
        Sidney: is almost 10 (he is the only one that I cannot remember when his birthday is for the life of me!)
        Damien: just turned 8 last month
        Annabelle: 8 in July
        Patrick: 5 in July
        Cameron: just turned 4 in March
        Charlotte: 1 in January
        and then yours :)
        And then hopefully one more in late January. :)

      • The only one I was sure of was Cam…That’s so sad.

      • And Char of course

  2. I am 98% positive that Sid’s birthday is this month.

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