Writer’s Workshop #2: Honey-do??

Mama's Losin' It

So, the second prompt I’m choosing this week? 5.) The ultimate honey-do list. If your spouse agreed to do any ten things you asked, what would they be? If you know me and Chris well enough, and eventually we will get to that point where you all will, his honey-do list is nearly impossible to get completed. And not because it’s long or difficult…he just…forgets and gets distracted. So, my question is, is this list for one day? Or is this like stuff to do everyday? Or even once a week? Or just in general? I’ll go with that one.

I’m totally going to waste this list too.

Chris’ Ultimate Honey-Do List

  1. Mow the lawn, completely, in one day, every week. Nice and manicured, looking professional, or at least like our neighbors.
  2. Do the garbage without me having to ask you a million times. And please put a bag back in the can?
  3. My back sure could use a nice rub every now and then…and so could my feet…and my big stretching belly.
  4. Change at least 5 diapers a day, everyday and at least one poopy.
  5. Bathe the baby once during the weekends, complete with getting her dressed.
  6. Did I mention my feet, back and belly needed to be rubbed? That’s how important this is.
  7. Feed the baby dinner at least once a week. And by “feed” I don’t mean heating up chicken nuggets and putting them on her tray. I mean, feed her her spaghetti or whatever else she’s eating. Sit with her and feed her.
  8. Do the dishes every now and then, without being asked?
  9. Let me take a nap on a Sunday, sans you, sans children. Just me, in the bed, by myself, actually napping and not being interrupted or listening to her scream.
  10. Seriously, my feet, back and belly could use a nice rub.

I don’t ask a lot of my husband, do I?


9 Responses

  1. You know my feelings on the trash thing (@#^&&^!#@!$).

    You couldn’t possibly be trying to get a back and/or foot massage, right? Nah!

  2. Nope, it all sounds pretty reasonable to me!

    Found you via SITS– come visit me, too! I just made some fresh coffee, so come on over– and it’s decaf, so it’s baby-safe!


  3. Can I brag here too, Pua? I have the world’s MOST wonderful man who would do absolutely anything I would ask him to do! However, I never ever need to ask him to do anything, he volunteers to do things for me when he thinks I am doing too much and I get a “thank you for all you do” from him every single day. He also rubs my feet (but I’m weird about my feet so its hard for me to relax during that) and gives me back rubs. :) Wait! That’s not all! A few days ago her ran out at night to Walmart to look for a very specific flavor of ice cream for me and he brought back not one but two of them so I wouldn’t run out. And he sends me a text every morning letting me know how special I am to him.

    That’s not TOO much bragging is it? ;) Did I mention there is NO man better than him?

  4. this is rather reasonable! i think you could step it up a notch and ask that he clean up after feeding the baby!

  5. Why can they NEVER put a bag back in the can after they finally take the over-flowing trash out? WHY?!!

    It must be a genetic thing ;)

  6. Dear wife….

    I work 40 hours a week and shit like this makes me feel very unappreciated


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