Let me introduce you to my husband

So, it just occurred to me I haven’t really talked about Chris. Just Chris. He is usually just a passing thought throughout the blog, there, but not so much discussed. And when he is? Not exactly flattering. So let me introduce you to my husband a little more.

This is Chris.
chris1I call him Bear. My Teddy Bear…or Sean. Sean is his other alter-ego. His full name doesn’t have “Sean” in it anywhere, but we have decided he is Sean.

Something about Chris? He is absolutely hilarious. His BFF tells him he has the “hilarious disease”, and by that he means ADHD. But even when he’s one his medicine he’s hilarious. I’m sure there are people who don’t think he is very funny, but I think he and I share a very similar sense of humor. There are times where he does or says something and I can barely breath because I’m laughing too hard.

And also? He’s really smart. He comes up with super genius ideas all the time, like keeping the baby’s pack and play in the car after Mission: Hanging @ Mr. Cooper’s so when we deliver her to my sister during labor and delivery, she has it. I didn’t think of that…I don’t think a lot anymore however, I’ve lost my brain. But he has been doing all the thinking for me lately. :)

He watches my shows with me without complaints, like The Bachelorette and Gossip Girl. He is almost always in control of the remote, so we watch a lot of what he wants to watch, but he always makes sure I get to watch my trashy tv shows. He makes sure there is always time made to watch my shows and doesn’t like me catching up without him, he wants to watch with me!! Amazing.

Let’s not forget something else that I’m sure you notice without me telling you. My god, is he not sexy?
chris2Yes, yes he is. I don’t really need to go into detail about that because it’s so very obvious.

And honestly? He’s a wonderful husband and father. He’s hard on himself sometimes, but he really is amazing, even when he makes a mistake (like throwing my cat out, or telling me he thinks maybe I should have gone up a size for my coming home shirt, which fits fine thank you very much). I don’t give him enough credit for how awesome he is, but he is the epitome of awesome.

This is me giving him the credit he deserves…I’m so lucky I have someone who “gets me” so well, no questions asked. Someone who is willing to be there for me when I’m breaking, and is always strong for me during my darkest moments. And someone who is willing to put his wife and children first in his life. People don’t give him enough credit for how wonderful he is.

This is me giving him the credit he deserves.


And unfortunately, since next week is Father’s Day and our anniversary, you fools readers will have to go through two more of these kind of posts, but more pictures are involved. And aren’t as sappy as this, at least I think so.


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