This is lengthy…and ranty…and tudy.

Yesterday was a long day. A very long, frustrating day. I’m still exhausted from it, I just want to cuddle up back in bed with Cait and tell everyone else to go to hell. That’s how I’m feeling right now. As Chris would put it, “tudy” as in “attitudy.” If you have an issue with it, you can go fuck yourself. I’m not in the mood.

I’m sorry, that was inappropriate. I’m not angry at you my loves, it’s my hormones.

It was just a long day. A really long day. A day that involved waking up at 530 to get ready to go to my niece’s 5th grade graduation. A 5th grade graduation that was an hour and 15 minutes away, at 9 in the morning. But that? That’s not where I take issue. I take issue with the fact that people disengage themselves from somebody’s life and then pretend it’s someone else’s fault. You are a grown man, take responsibility for your actions. Your whore wife is the reason this has happened. Your whore wife is the reason you gave her up for five years. You didn’t care then, you don’t care now. Don’t tell the poor girl you’re going to be there when you’re not. You have created enough hurt for everyone. She has enough love in her life without you, so continue to not care, make it easier on everyone and dismiss yourself permanently. And to be honest? I don’t even think she realized you weren’t there. And if she didn’t? I’m glad.

My niece is amazing, both of them, all of them. I wish I could have been there for the younger one’s ceremony, but I missed it. They both made A-B honor roll and I’m so proud of them. They have overcome a lot of sadness in their lives, and they are so bright and wonderful and loving. I’m so glad I get to be so close to my nieces and nephews. I’m so glad my children will grow up with their wonderful cousins.

And I had my doctor’s appointment today as well. That went as well as could possible be imagined. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw a few tweets sent via text yesterday afternoon. And if you don’t, I’ll explain.

I love my OB office, the receptionist are welcoming and understanding and do their best to make everything a little easier. My two OB’s, Dr. Anthony Anderson and Dr. Small Hands, are amazing. I love them to death, Dr. Small Hands delivered Caitlin and Dr. Anthony Anderson has been my primary OB throughout this pregnancy, taking every little detail into account. The only complaint I really have about this office is that sometimes it can literally be an 2 hour wait before you’re brought into a room, and then close to another hour before you are seen by the doctor. If you’re smart, like me, you’ve learned what are the best appointment times are, so now, I only try to schedule for around 140 in the afternoon, right after lunch. Now, I don’t like all of the doctors. I refuse to see Dr. Pedo-Bear, Dr. Jamaican Lady didn’t make me feel very confident, and Dr. Nice, But Too Rushed is, well, nice, but too rushed. I was supposed to see Dr. Small Hands today, but he turned out to not be there. I understand this happens sometimes, I used to work at a doctor’s office, sometimes shit happens. I get it. So guess who I was going to see instead? Dr. Nice, But Too Rushed. When the nurse brought me in the room, she was quick to explain that she hadn’t come back yet from a C-Section. Okay, that’s fine, shouldn’t be too long. But after taking my vitals and listening to what’s been going on, she came back and stated that, well, Dr. NBTR had to go back into the C-Section, and it will be another 45 minutes before she sees me. Oh. My. God. My mom was going to stay for the appointment, but had to leave to go help my sister with children because she had her three, and my brother’s three. So, I sat in the room, by myself, bored, tired, uncomfortable and anxious, for about a half hour. My appointment was at 140, and I didn’t get seen until about 230. Which is okay, I can deal with that, shit happens, not mad that the doctor had to go back into surgery. I get it. The issue I have is I told the nurse Dr. Jamaican Lady wanted me checked this week due to a disgusting mess. I told the nurse I’ve been having constant (what I assume are) Braxton-Hicks contractions. I told the nurse I’ve been having a lot of lower abdominal discomfort and pain. What did the doctor do? Quick cervical check (which is what I really wanted) and then dismissed me. Didn’t really care about the contractions. Didn’t really care about the disgusting mess. Didn’t really care about the discomfort or pain. Didn’t really care at all that, although everything seems to look okay, I know that not everything is okay. My body is telling me not everything is okay. My instinct is telling me something is wrong. So yes, everything may look okay with a quick glance, but if you would have sat down with me and listened to me instead of rushing me through, you would have realized I’m not stupid. I know my body. I know how my body carries babies, even if this is only my second. I know what my body does when the baby is trying to escape. I know. But you, Dr. Nice, But Too Rushed, were too busy to even care. Just because I’m not normally YOUR patient, doesn’t mean you should disregard my feelings or concerns.

So I left my appointment, unsatisfied, upset, and frustrated, with one scheduled with Dr. Anthony Anderson, that I can hopefully reschedule because there is a prior appointment that day. I’ll talk to him about my feelings and concerns and ask him my questions, and because he’s a good doctor, he’ll take his time and listen. Something more doctor’s need to learn how to do.

So now, I’m tired, angry, and frustrated. And all this? Doesn’t include walking out of my house at seven in the morning and discovering two garbage bags that had been ripped open last night. Dirty diapers and moldy chicken nuggets EVERYWHERE. And do you know who picked it all up? If you guessed the name started with a “P” and ended with an “A”, you would win. And I don’t know anyone named Paula.

I was going to mention wanting to get waxed in this post, but I’ll save it for a different one. This isn’t a funny post to mention waxing. I’m too angry. I’m just angry at people. And the first person who mentions it being hormones? You win a grade-A shanking in the side.


3 Responses

  1. Awww…about the girls. And thanks for coming to the ceremony. And just thanks for everything. :)

  2. yes. i purposely went to a small family practice because i did not want to be seen by a group of physicians. i totally understand why you’re irritated. and deadbeat dads? me no likey.

  3. […] but wouldn’t be an issue, but the only two doctor’s from my office delivering there are Dr. Nice, But Too Rushed (remember her from a couple of weeks ago?) and Dr. Owner of the Practice Who Rarely Delivers Babies […]

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