Happy Father’s Day 2: My dad

My dad is a little quirky.Dad1He dresses a little funny sometimes. But he looks super sharp in his suits.Dad2We probably have a million pictures of his hands, feet, and videos of him turning the camera to himself to say “And here’s dad…” because he says we don’t have pictures of him. So I’ve always made a point to take as many as I can once I got my own camera.Dad3He’s the smartest person I know, and probably the smartest person you’ll ever meet. I’m not exaggerating, he’s *that* smart.Dad4He’s an awesome dad, with some wonderful stories. I honestly don’t know what more I can say about him. He’s smart and strange, funny and caring. He loves his kids, he worries and scolds, he lets us make pur own mistakes so we can learn. He’s my dad. I love him.Dad5And my brothers (and BIL) are awesome dads too…(don’t think I forgot about them) My nieces and nephews are lucky to have wonderful dads like them. We’re just a super family full of wonderful dads (and moms).


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