Happy Father’s Day

Chris and Pua1When we found out I was pregnant, you were so excited. Your dreams were coming true, maybe a little sooner than we expected, but we were starting our own family.
We patiently waited for eight months. You went to as many appointments as you could, you went to every ultrasound. You drove me to the hospital twice and sat nervous but comforting when she was coming early. And the third and final time she decided to come, you sat in the hospital, nervous and comforting, trying not to cry while I sat in pain.
Chris and Caitlin1When she finally came, you cried. No one stood a chance against her, least of all you. She was your baby girl.
Chris and Caitlin2She was your pride and joy.
Chris and Caitlin3Chris and Caitlin4Chris and Caitlin5Chris and Caitlin6We watched her grow and grow, usually attached to your arm. She loves it when you sing to her, she loves it when you chase her, she loves it when you gobble her up. You’re her daddy and she loves you.
Chris and Caitlin7And she’s getting bigger everyday…
And sometimes she may not want anything to do with you…
But she’s just playing with your heart, because when you’re not around, you’re all she talks about.Chris and Caitlin8“Dada, dada, dada, daddy?”
She adores her daddy, and soon Kinley will adore his daddy too.
And you’ll have your baby girl, and your baby boy.
And they’ll be your pride and joy.
And you’ll be happy because we have our family.

We love you so much Chris. Happy Father’s Day to the only man I could ever imagine being the father of my babies.Chris1Yep, that is a firework in his hand…and yep, he’s breeding.



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