The story of us

Once upon a time there was a be-au-ti-ful girl working at her local Best Buy…
Pua1She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and was just kinda…hanging out.
And then she met a boy who was also working at her local Best Buy.


Note: He didn't work for Geek Squad when we met, but I didn't have any pictures of him in his yellow shirt

He thought the girl was super hot, so he started throwing crap at her. Because what girl doesn’t like crap being thrown at her as she chills at her register? It was pretty obvious why he was single…one day, the boy gave the girl a note quoting the love letter Hamlet wrote to Ophelia. When the girl left work that day, she gave him a note herself (because they were very high school like that, in their 20’s) stating they should get married. The boy, being so elegant and well-read, responded with “Gotta try it before you buy it” and gave her his phone number. But the girl is a lady! She doesn’t call! She gets called, so they exchanged numbers.

A week went by and the boy didn’t call. He only worked at the store on weekends so she didn’t see him until the following Saturday, at which point she said “Why haven’t you called? Don’t waste my time if you’re not interested.” And the boy, taken aback by her bluntness, told her he had been busy and he planned to call her that night when they were both off of work. So they made plans that when he got off, he would call her and they would meet. Their first date was at the midnight release of the final Harry Potter book, along with the girl’s middle brother, her nephew, and her parents. But they had fun and they talked and were together until five that morning.

They continued to see each other nearly every day for five months…

Chris and Pua1

They went on a vacation together…
Chris and Pua2And then on Christmas Eve of 2007, the boy came to visit the girl at work. And he was all like, “Hey, remember that note you wrote me?” And the girl was all like, “Yeeeaaaa?” And he said, “I think you were right, let’s get married.” And she said, “Oh, I guess, I don’t have anything else planned today.”
Chris and Pua3And so, six months later, in June of 2008, they got married….Chris and Pua4Chris and Pua5
And then, they went on their honeymoon….Chris2And they started a family…

To know my husband is to love him, and to love him is to want him. I’m glad he’s mine…even if this is the kind of stuff I put up with on a daily basis. :)


I love him. Our life can be far from perfect sometimes, but we’re perfectly happy as long as we have each other. We’ve been through a lot together and have grown and learned together. It’s an amazing feeling to know that even throughout tons of crap, you are fulfilled in your marriage and life and confident in whatever direction it takes you. It’s also an amazing feeling to have someone have complete faith in everything you do, and to have complete faith in everything they will do.


6 Responses

  1. Chris is such a dork. I’m glad he makes you happy. :) He’s a good guy, really, we all like him…I mean tolerate him…a little bit. ;)


    Hey I have something for you at my place. Come and get it when you get the chance!

    Later! :)

  3. Amazing story. So cute!

  4. That was so darn sweet! I loved your last lines about having complete faith…you are so right.

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