Life hates Chris this week

I was gonna participate in Mama’s Kat’s writer’s workshop, but I’m feeling rather uninspired by the prompts. Oh well I suppose, there’s always next week.

Poor Chris is still having a miserable week. Yesterday, when he got off of work, he set out to determine the cause of my new flat tire. This is the second one in a month I believe? I don’t know how the hell this keeps happening. I ran over a nail this time, last time it was some crazy sharp rock-like object, two different tires. I am not having good season with tires, am I?

Anyway, poor dude goes to work thinking that the tire is the bad thing about his day and determines he will fix it when he gets home. So he gets home and sets about pumping it to see if it was just low, and as he is doing so, he discovers the nail. Super. So he asks me if I still have tire patches from the last flat tire. Yep, I did, and they were in the back on the Dinomobile. Also in the back of the Dinomobile? A very light, small gate for our screen door to prevent Caitlin from falling through. However, this gate decides that the right moment to fall out was as soon as Chris opens the back. And the perfect place to fall was directly on his foot. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, so when he let out a loud “FUCK!” I didn’t think anything of it and thought he could possibly be just exaggerating the hurt because of his bad day. Until I went around to help him look for the tire patches. He was sitting on the back of the Dinomobile and holding his toe, staring at me, blood covering his flip-flop. Fuck.

As it turns out, the gate? While very light and usually harmless, it decided it hated Chris enough (probably because he left it in there, but that’s not his fault), to angle itself in just the right way and land on his toe and crack the nail. Yes, nail crack. Painful, bloody nail crack. Had it landed at any other angle or even just slightly higher on his foot, it wouldn’t have happened. But not this week for Chris, nope. Poor dude has had an awesomely bad week, and is just progressively getting worse. Karma is now causing physical injury to my poor husband. I keep telling him that it can only get better from here, but he tells me I’m jinxing him, so I have stopped that. Shit is going to hit the fan.

And you know what else sucks? He couldn’t even patch my tire properly because the tool he needed is MIA (I most likely put it somewhere and now can’t remember). It’s patched enough to get me to my mom’s and back, but not patched enough where I would be able to go out to run errands by myself. That’s okay, Friday is can be done. I’m in no rush. But also on top of a cracked toenail and not being able to properly patch my tire, we got his temporary replacement wedding band in today…and it’s two sizes too big. *Sigh* Luckily, it’s not our replacement that we are getting together, this was just one so that his can stop cutting off the circulation to his finger. And it’s too big. Poor buddy.

I just feel really bad for the dude…not enough positive love heading his way. A little more ya’ll??


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  1. What a bummer of a day :( Hope his weekend is LOADS more fabulous :)

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