I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I write these posts the night before. Honestly however, who doesn’t? It’s just easier to write them once the baby goes to bed. So when I wrote yesterday’s post about Chris’ life sucking this week? I didn’t expect that everyone SURROUNDING HIM would have a bad day yesterday too. Including his boss, and his BFF, and of course, me. Thanks, Chris, for giving everyone a sucky day, when honestly, yours wasn’t all that terrible. I hate your face.

So yea, my day wasn’t too fun. It involved waking up at 515 in the morning to a screaming toddler who was not willing to put herself back to sleep right then. And after 45 minutes of telling her “no, just because the sun is up doesn’t mean it’s playtime” and “Caitie, mommy really doesn’t like her nose being picked by sharp little girl claws” she finally fell back asleep to rest next to me since it was almost time for our day to begin. She woke up however when Chris got out of bed and then was all like “Okay, NOW it’s time to go play” and proceeded to crawl out of the bed and run down the hall to play. It was 640 in the goddamn morning, NOT time to play. Whatever.

Of course, today was my day to have a bad day, so when I went to go pour milk in her bottle to try and coax her back to bed for another 40 minutes, my stomach all of a sudden felt like the Death Star had exploded in it. Not a fun feeling. And then, as I’m actually pouring the milk, Caitlin falls off of her surf board that is the Boppy pillow and freaking falls and hits the side of her mouth up against the coffee table. Now she has a bruise, and it was only hours before her 15-month well baby. Super. Again, whatever.

The rest of the day continues, not too bad. I’m hot, sweaty, hormonal, and cranky, but other than that, it’s cool. Caitlin’s appointment goes swimmingly (the doctor comments on how much she looks like my mom), we go to lunch with my sister and the entire brood of children (my 11-year-old niece shaved her legs for the first time today but was taking jokes about it very hard), we run errands for the big birthday bash in a couple of weeks (I still need to buy presents…), and we go home.

Oh yea, when we get back to my mom’s house, my tire is completely flat. And it’s 345 so I won’t have time to cook dinner. Luckily, there were leftovers from lunch…otherwise homie would be starving today. So, as I’m waiting for him, I decide to go ahead and wash the car seat covers so they will be fresh and clean because now she’s a big girl and is sitting forward(!!!).

Moms, I know you’ll feel me on this. My god….now, something I’m willing to spend any amount of money on is my baby’s safety. A new car seat was absolutely mandatory when waiting for Caitlin, and I wanted the best. So the one I have for Caitlin is the Britax Marathon (which I adore) and the one my mom has is the Safety 1st Air Protect (which will be our second carseat).

Britax Marathon

Safety 1st Air Protect

Both car seats are amazingly safe, have the whole 5-point harness, endless amounts of tethers, and are really comfortable. I love them, but each one has a really shitty quality and a really great quality that the other doesn’t. The Marathon takes a freaking rocket scientist to figure out how to get in the first time. It took us a couple of hours, lots of sweat, and many curse words the first time we went to strap it in (when Caitlin was about 3 months old). Now, I’m a regular pro at it. It takes me 15-30 minutes tops, I’m not sure about Chris. However, the Marathon is very easy to adjust straps, and take the cover off for cleaning.
Now, the Air Protect is super easy to get in, and is just as safe. It’s seriously, snap, snap, snap, buckle, good to go. There is no weaving of latches and seat belts through small holes on the side of the cover like there is with the Marathon. It’s super, super easy and I can do it one handed. Now, maybe it’s just easy to me because I’m so used to strapping in the effing Marathon, but it’s just really easy. But since that is it’s high point, you guessed it. The cover, nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get off. In fact, I thought it was impossible for a while, until my mom found the instructions online. Turns out it’s not impossible, but they really want to make you think it is. It involves literally taking out all the straps and pressing an invisible button (I could not find it) to get the cover off. I was so entirely pissed that I was seriously going to throw the entire thing in the trash and tell my mom she was going straight to a booster. But I prevailed. Finally. It took me close to an hour to get the cover off of that damn seat. Never mind the fact that I was going to have to replace it before leaving to get it set up in my mom’s van for the next day (since my tire is still flat). Getting the cover back on? Just as challenging as taking it off, if not more so because NOW you have to figure out how one goddamn piece of fabric is protecting your child in the way a car seat should. Go back and look at the pictures. The shoulder/lap straps? In the Marathon it’s two separate straps, one for each side LIKE IT IS IN EVERY OTHER CAR SEAT. On the Air Protect, it’s one. One. Piece. Of. Fabric. That now has to be looped every which way to get it to fit properly. And then, after all was said and done and the covers were back on both and I was satisfied they were the way they were supposed to be, I noticed that on the Marathon one shoulder strap was at level 2, and the other was at level 3. FFFFUUUUUUUUU

Twenty minutes later, both seats are in the cars, Chris has pumped my tire enough to get me home (although I can’t drive on it tomorrow), and we’re home getting ready to settle in for the night. It’s 730 and my phone rings from unfamiliar number…I don’t answer those. Even if it is from our area code, I just don’t, so I hand it to Chris. It’s his BFF, dude left his wallet in Chris’ car and needs it, like, now. Poor BFF. So we bring the air compressor with us and hop in the car and head up to drop it off. BFF shouldn’t have to suffer too because Chris is having a shitty week, his day sucked enough as it is.

When we get home Chris then decides to pretend to throw shit at me for 20 minutes because I kept saying “I don’t believe you any more,” and then still flinched when he waved his arm. He thought that was hi-lar-ious.

Dear Chris,
I. Hate. Your. Face.

Here’s hoping today is better for everybody, eh?


2 Responses

  1. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER take the covers off unless you absolutely have to. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but I don’t wash them unless I can smell them from outside of the car. When something isn’t easy (like putting them back on) I tend to throw big-girl temper tantrums, and nobody wants to see that. Oh, and if somehow by the grace of God you get the covers back on in the proper fashion I guarantee as soon as you get a kid anywhere near the damn thing they will puke all over it. 100% Guaranteed.

    • On our way home from my moms, which is a 15 minute drive TOPS? She peed in the one in my car. Two days later, she leaked out of her diaper into the other one…it’s like they have a sixth sense for clean, not easy to get off covers.

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