The meaning of summer

Like I said last Thursday, I was uninspired by the prompts. It took my until today to figure out what I would have written about summer for my family.

The summer Chris and I first met, it meant learning about each other, discussing a possible life-time together, learning the curves between each others fingers, late nights talking, sharing kisses in the rain. For us summer meant our beginning.

The next summer we got married and it meant new starts. Starting a new job, going on the boat or to Busch Garden’s every weekend, trips to the beach, spending nights getting giggly drunk and playing video games, putting together a home. Come August we discovered we were having a baby. That year, summer meant starting a family.

The following March we had our baby girl and summer meant having an infant. It meant realizing there was something more important than us, day trips to wherever we could while it was still easy, days spent at King’s Dominion after work or on the weekends. It meant date nights at home and not enough privacy. Summer was about trying to find some time.

This is our fourth summer together, we just celebrated two years of marriage and in a couple of weeks we will have been together for three years. This year, summer means rediscovering the curves in between each others fingers, remembering why we wanted a life-time together. It means starting over, starting fresh, loving our little girl and waiting for our little boy. And now that we have a toddler? It means swimming lessons and playing outside.Swimming1The first scraped knee, and learning about bugs.


Can you see the boo boo on her forehead?

Caitlin2It means enjoying the hot summer days, and beautiful summer nights. Caitlin3Caitlin4Caitlin5It means sneaking kisses before she sees and gets jealous and excitedly preparing for him to arrive. It means putting her to bed to the soft sound of the dryer running, while the sun is still up. It’s nights cuddling on the couch, getting giggly off of movies, because there is no sense in keeping alcohol in the house. This year, summer means happiness.


2 Responses

  1. What a great post. You make me want to enjoy my life more.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi, I just stopped by from SITS. You’ve got a great blog!


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