This post involves lots of cussing and bold words

And it’s kind of long, I’m pissed. You’ve been forewarned.

I’m not a hard person to please. I like pretty much anybody. I’ve grown to be very shy after being hurt and manipulated too many times to count, but I’m still very trusting. I just ask a person not to lie or be a bitch. There are somethings that irritate the living dogshit out of me that people do, however. One of these is use someone’s tragedy or good fortune for themselves. IE: When someone who they knew briefly or not even briefly, but they never had a nice word to say about dies or becomes a millionaire, suddenly they were/are best friends. That pisses me off, but it’s human nature. I can get over that as annoying as it is. Another thing is when people start unnecessary drama with others because they are bored or unhappy with their own life. If you’re that unhappy, get a new life, don’t attempt to make mine as miserable as you.

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to people, something that I find absolutely unforgivable, something that is just beyond anything to me, however, is incompetence. I absolutely ABHOR incompetence. I’m generally not a rude person to customer service reps, they have a shitty job, I know this. But if you can’t do your job right for the consumer FIND A NEW FUCKING JOB YOU CAN DO RIGHT.

Let me tell you a story.

In December, Chris switched jobs. You see, he had been working for a very small company that did IT support for surrounding businesses for a few years, meaning a year before we met, a year while we dated, a year when we first married and then another 6 months after. It was a decent job, he was near my workplace, and we loved his boss. We invited the boss and his wife to our wedding and to the hospital to see the baby. We adored his boss…however there were some issues about this job. One of these was Chris was NOT being paid NEARLY enough for all the bullshit he had to go through day after day. He was on call, all day, all night, on weekends. There were several times where we had to change our Friday night/Saturday night plans because of this job. We couldn’t go on vacation without being woken up at 7 in the morning because his cell phone was ringing off the hook from clients with issues…we BARELY got to go on our honeymoon. Now, I normally wouldn’t have an issue with this, but like I said, the paycheck wasn’t big enough for the quality of service and work he provided. If there is one thing I am as a wife, it is PROUD of what my husband can accomplish, and when I see him getting FUCKED OVER, I get pissed. So finally, he decided to find a new job, and find a new job he did.

I won’t even get into the issue of the money he was SUPPOSED to be making. That’s another lengthy, angry post for another lengthy, angry time. Right now, this is a present, persistent issue I’m dealing with.

Before Chris started his new job, we just found out I was pregnant again and his old boss, who we were still friendly with, said not to worry, they wouldn’t cancel our insurance until the new job took over a month later. That way we could get the necessary prenatal care, since we weren’t sure how far along I was (I hadn’t started a period yet so I could have been anywhere from 4-12 weeks or even longer. We didn’t know). Super sweet. I went to my first two appointments, under the ASSUMPTION that they had kept their word and I was still covered by our previous insurer. Only to find out, by the third appointment, that NO, I wasn’t because it was canceled DECEMBER 21st and our new insurance company would pay for subsequent appointments, but not the second one (the first one was fine since it was in early December). So since March we’ve been paying $140.28 a month to ensure that I am able to be seen. By the time we are finished with our final payment, we will have paid out a little over $1000 to my OB/GYN because of this bullshit. But this isn’t where the story ends. This is just the beginning. I told you it was long.

So, after we set up a payment plan with the doctor’s office, we were fine. Our new insurance company would be paying for everything else…except for the fact that for SOME REASON they weren’t. It took a few weeks to figure this out, and when we did it turned out that all they needed was our marriage certificate. Okay, so I went and got that and then it got faxed over. This should have been my first sign this wouldn’t be fucking easy. Chris faxed it from his office, and then two days later I called to make sure they received it, because they tell you to wait 48 hours to ensure it’s been done properly. Two days later? Nope, not received. So Chris faxed it AGAIN, and then called them to see if they received it. Nope, not received. So, once again he faxes it 8 MILLION FUCKING TIMES AND THEN EVEN FAXES THE CONFIRMATION. Finally, they got it. Okay, that’s done with. No more issues.

Three weeks ago we received a letter stating they need a letter from our previous insurance company sent to them stating I was covered previously. We had to wait a week to do this because our previous insurance company, for whatever reason REFUSES TO TALK TO ME, THE HOMEKEEPER and Chris was unable to call them due to issues at work. Even when I pretended to be Chris, they said “you don’t sound like a Christopher B. You’re liar, have your husband call.” So a week later, he calls, gets the letter faxed to him, and then faxes it to our new insurance company with all the forms they need. This was on the 14th, keep that in mind. I wait 48 hours later and am informed they haven’t received it. Text Chris and have him fax it again. 48 hours later, nope not there yet! Text Chris, have him fax it again. I wait until either MONDAY THE 21st OR TUESDAY THE 22nd IN THE AFTERNOON. And, well, the woman couldn’t find it in my file where it should be so she decided to look elsewhere. FOUND IT! It has everything they need, it’s perfect and she’s sending it to the proper departments RIGHT FUCKING THEN. It was already received ON THE FUCKING 16TH. IN THE MORNING. I CALLED IN THE AFTERNOON. She tells me everything is perfect and dandy and beautiful like a new born babe. It’s now a week later, and I just happen to be bored and thinking about it…so I call…just to check…

I speak to a guy today and explain the situation. “Well, ma’am on your account it doesn’t show you spoke to anyone on that date.” Well, I did call, I was sitting right next to my mom. “Well, it shows someone was in your account on the 22nd but they didn’t make any notation. The last note states that you spoke to a female on the 16th and that nothing was found.” Okay, well, I spoke to someone on the 22nd then, not the 21st. I’m sorry, I can’t remember, I have fucking other things to do, but I spoke to someone and she said she found it and sent it to the right departments. “Let me see if I can find it….okay here it is, but it’s VERY ILLEGIBLE and I’m sure they can’t read it. I can barely make out the names or dates of coverage, and that’s what they need. It only takes a day to determine coverage and since it’s been 14 days then I’m guessing they couldn’t read it.” No, it’s been 14 days since the first phone call. It’s only been a week since it’s been sent, and a week and a half since your fucking lazy ass customer service reps didn’t look hard enough for the fucking paper in the first place. But I didn’t say all that. Instead I said, “Can I ask you a question? It’s been three weeks since we’ve started all this, it’s been faxed over multiple times and I was told LAST FUCKING WEEK that it was received, under the IMPRESSION that it was in fact, fine. I was told no further action on MY part was necessary, and now, A FUCKING WEEK LATER, I’m being told that it’s too illegible and since YOU can’t read it, it must not have been accepted. Am I supposed to call you guys every FUCKING day and harass you about this until it’s straightened out or do you guys even bother TRYING to contact someone when an issue like this comes up?” His short answer, “Nope we don’t call. It’s all up to you.” I just happened to be thinking about it today and wondering if maybe by some sort of freaking miracle we would get reimbursed for the $729.12 we’ve paid over the last 4 months, otherwise, I would not have thought about this again until we received another letter stating that my husband is still paying for health insurance for me which we actually not getting because my doctor’s are not receiving their money. Thank you Aetna. You are fucking fantabulous.

Is it like Insurance Companies, Fuck Your Customers Week or something? Because I’m not the only one dealing with this.


2 Responses

  1. That really sucks. I understand the cussing and bold words. I would be livid, too!!

    • It’s just so frustrating, because every time we think we’re a step closer to getting this resolved, we get knocked 5 steps back. Luckily, my husband has decided that they are obviously not taking the importance of this being settled NOW due to a baby coming seriously enough and has taken over.

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