Is it just me or is it foggy in here?

I feel like my posts have been somewhat lacking lately, and for that I apologize. I’ve been excruciatingly preoccupied over the last week or so. I wrote out a list of everything I want to do before the baby arrives (it keeps getting longer), it involves 34 things and I have crossed off 11. Of course, there are a few very simple ones, like make Caitlin’s shirt for when she comes to the hospital to meet her baby brother and finish packing Chris’ bag (I need to get him a spare toothbrush, then he’s done). There are others however which are a little more difficult, like reorganize the kitchen and steam clean the carpets, but I will not be thrown off course. This will all be finished and ready by the time he comes, whenever that may be. At the best, I have a little over a month left. At the worst, I’m at 33 and a half weeks so they’ll try and stop it.

Other than being preoccupied with getting everything set up, I’ve just been distracted in general. I feel like my mind is all jumbled up and I’m trying to make sense of everything but it’s really difficult. I feel like the day just goes by way too quickly to enjoy it lately. The year has gone by way too quickly to enjoy it. Sunday will be the Fourth of July for crying out loud! I have two weeks to get all my necessary birthday gifts for my nieces and nephews and then the week after is my birthday. That just means summer is almost over, but I have a feeling it’ll still be warm enough to go swimming in September. If August is anything like June has been, Virginians will continue to sweat.

Anyway, back to my mind being jumbled. I’m not sure what’s going on up there, it’s like, I feel partially like myself and then mostly like I’m just kind of in a haze. Everything is foggy, and I’m not really feeling excited about anything. Just anxious and impatient. But the impatience might have to do with the fact that our cell phone bill is effed up once again and I received the notification that the bill was ready before it was actually ready for viewing so no one, me or the representative, can look at it for another few hours. And it’s just frustrating because I want to know what the hell is going on. And I’m pissed that my sucky ass mail lady didn’t pick up my Netflix yesterday, even tho she watched me put it in the mailbox. Yea, this is the kind of stuff running through my mind lately. Getting my friggen list completed and my sucky mail lady.

When it comes down to it, I suppose that’s good. Things could be worse, I realize this, but like I said. I’m in a haze. Hopefully soon I’ll get out of this and get back on track with doing what I need to be doing and stuff. Just bear with me.


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