Is it normal for your chest to hurt in general?

That post title has, like, nothing to do with the post. Except my chest does hurt. But that’s really all. I couldn’t think of anything else to put…

Days where I have doctor’s appointments always kind of make me exhausted. Days where I’m surrounded by my brood of nieces and nephews always makes me kind of exhausted too. Probably because they are so excited to be with each other and everyone, they zap all the energy I have. Which, on days where there is a brood of them and a doctor’s appointment, I don’t have a whole lot of anyway. They are little energy stealers, that brood of children. But my god, are they awesome cousins. They make caring for Caitlin during lunch time or in the store that much easier because they love to entertain her. And she loves her cousins, I’m so thankful that she gets to grow up with them because they really are some cool kids.

So that was my day yesterday. A doctor’s appointment and surrounded by a small brood of my nieces and nephews. There were only 5 children total, but man, the way they jump around and talk so quickly…by five I’m just ready for a nap. I can only imagine how my mom is feeling right now, because the four that can talk and jump around? Sleeping at her house for the next two days. She just got rid of two that talked fast and jumped around A LOT MORE, and then gained three. I’m surprised she doesn’t hate summer, but she does it to herself!! You can only blame yourself mom….


Doctor’s appointment went well, I finally got to see Dr. Anthony Anderson again after a few weeks of not. He didn’t do any check because of the fact that I’m 33 and a half weeks and I started labor with Caitlin at 34. He said he didn’t want any “unnecessary poking going on down there.” Yes, that was my obstetrician’s exact words. “Unnecessary poking.” Then, he felt he should elaborate about what that meant as far as sex. And his exact words then? “That means no unnecessary poking for him too. I mean, I know sometimes it has to happen. So when it does, you guys better make it worth it because I don’t want that happening often.”

Oh. My. God. I nearly cried from laughing. Whatever gave you the idea that may be an issue doctor? Was it the fact that I got pregnant for a second time when my daughter was six months old?

I also found out the unfortunate news that, as of right now, he isn’t delivering at the hospital I wanted to deliver at. It’s 15 minutes closer and brand spanking new, but as of right now he isn’t doing rounds there. That completely sucks, but wouldn’t be an issue, but the only two doctor’s from my office delivering there are Dr. Nice, But Too Rushed (remember her from a couple of weeks ago?) and Dr. Owner of the Practice Who Rarely Delivers Babies Anymore. If it were any other two doctors (other than Dr. Pedo-Bear obviously), I’d be completely chill. But since it’s only those two? Nope, I’ll be going to the other hospital. I do not care. I don’t want a doctor who doesn’t listen to me or even know me dealing with this if I can help it. However, at my 36 week check up (so long as I make it that far) he says he may have better news as far as that goes. Here’s hoping.

It’s just nice to find a doctor that you not only trust has YOUR best interest at heart, but your baby’s too. I really do feel like Dr. Anthony Anderson cares about how I am doing, and he shows this because he actually remembers who I am. He remembers Chris, my mom and Caitlin. And you know who else he remembers BY NAME? My best friend, because she is his patient too (recommended by me). I told him her name and he knew exactly who I was talking about. He actually takes his time with patients, at least with me, and he makes me feel comfortable. It’s awesome to actually have that in a doctor.


8 Responses

  1. LOL at the “no unnecessary poking”! Good luck to you (and, apparently, hubby too!)

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      We’ve been on the “no unnecessary poking” rule for going on a couple of months now, but it’s only now that we have decided we should probably take it a little more seriously…kinda stinks.

  2. i had my oldest at 34 weeks! also. i had a doctor tell me he wanted to do some poking around when i was pregnant.

    • I got a little upset he didn’t want to poke around, but I understand where he was coming from. I just wanted to know if I was dilated any, but I guess it’s best to just have to check when it’s absolutely necessary.

  3. That is awesome that you have a doctor that takes the time to get to know you and care about you. It makes me hold out hope that there are some good ones out there.

    • In a word where the good ones are rare, it does make me feel extremely lucky to have one so awesome. I wish I could just send him around the world to all the pregnant women so they can experience his caring.

  4. Haha, I like how he worded it “no unnecessary poking.” Too funny. I hope that when I get pregnant for the first time, I’m able to find a doctor who I really trust and makes me feel like he/she has my best interest in my mind!

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