Fourth of July roundup

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth!! I did, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to prove the amazing-ness of my family’s Fourth because 1) I forgot to bring the camera, just like I forgot to bring diapers and swimmers the first time I got to my parents and 2) I’ve tried to take pictures of the Fourth in previous years, and they always turn out poorly. And I don’t have too much time today because Chris is off of work, and we have errands to run, so let me just highlight my day.

  • In the early afternoon, Chris and I got into a huge fight about appreciations. This resulted in him saying, “Have fun at your parents”, then deciding to walk to my parents house from ours to retrieve his car. We had to leave it there on Friday because I was unable to drive due to contractions. My parents live about 2 and a half miles away and it was about 100 degrees out, plus he was wearing flip-flops and didn’t have his cell phone. He’s a smart one. I spent 15 searching for him, found him, then tried to convince him to let me drive him to my parents and then he can leave and do whatever he wants for the day. He refused all of my please and told me to leave him alone, so he will be bearing the consequences all on his own with no sympathy from me. Anyway, after he got there and drove away, about 5 minutes later he sends me a “I’m sorry I acted like an asshole, please still love me, I’m still an awesome husband even tho I behaved like a buffoon” text and comes back. In reality, he just didn’t want to miss on my dad’s BBQ or the boat ride later. He’s using me, it’s okay, I know.
  • All of my brother’s show up for a while, even the one who had work, which is super awesome because if you get my three brothers, Chris and my brother-in-law, Derek, you quickly learn which ones should be the only ones allowed to pass his genes on. We’ll get to that.
  • Example one of passing his genes, I get down to the lake and Chris is already in the water with my nieces and nephews and he yells to me “I forgot I had my keys and wallet in my pocket so they are on the boat.” Okay, but you didn’t JUMP IN with them in your pocket, did you? “No, I did.” Awesome. Now, his car keys are basically the most flawed concept I’ve ever seen. If anything, and I mean ANYTHING, happens to his key, the car no longer functions. So, the ability to lock and unlock or set the alarm is not the only thing compromised with his keys getting wet. Now, his car won’t start. But luckily, we didn’t drive together, remember?
  • The water was not warm enough for people like me, my sister, my dad, or my brother, Chris, to enjoy while everyone else can. But the day was hot enough where if you did go in, within seconds you were dry and warm again, regardless of my what my nephews tried to say.
  • I got ribs, delicious, delicious ribs. And there is still plenty left over to raid tonight. Omnomnom.
  • Example of number 2 of breeding. It began with just my Chris setting off some little firecrackers from our trip to South of the Border last year. Then it turned into both Chris’ stuffing them into beer bottle to see if it’s break….and progressively went to them throwing them out into the water, trying to get them to pop right above the lake. Do you realize that means them holding onto the firecrackers for a number of seconds before actually throwing them? Then my brother, Patrick, joined in. So the three of them are standing there, holding onto lit firecrackers before throwing them. And when someone successfully makes it pop over the water, they let out a collective “oooh!” Derek sat on the boat watching and I’m actually not sure where my brother, Steven, disappeared to. Luckily, everyone kept appendages and there weren’t any injuries or arrests.
  • The fireworks on the lake are just getting better every year. Caitlin stayed up for the whole thing and wasn’t scared. She loved it!! We Were directly underneath the grand finale of one house, it was pretty amazing and scary. I didn’t wanna get burned.
  • Caitlin went to bed as soon as we got home. She was so exhausted, she didn’t even cry. She whined just a little, then got comfortable and fell right to sleep. Peaceful. We stayed up another hour to finish a movie, but once it was over I was out like a light. I even got to sleep in a little bit today. :)

So now today’s day will finally be spent with my husband, running some errands and getting lunch together. I love three day weekends.


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  1. Stopping by from SITS

    Happy Fourth of July – glad you enjoyed your day, even without diapers and a camera =]

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