Haz-Mat cars

I’m knocking stuff of my list left and right. Out of  , I have 11 things left to do, and one is something I haven’t really decided on yet (buying a third toy compartment from Ikea…if you’re interested in doing this for me, let me know…I’m eying you, Courtney…). Most of the difficult stuff is done, except I have to re-rinse off the back porch due to the massive amounts of ants that have decided to swarm it. All the one of the three really hard things involves going into the attic, which I am so not a fan of, considering I don’t like ladders, what I need out of the attic is super heavy and plus I know the man who lives up there will collect me up and probably kill me. I’m not neurotic, just allergic to death is all.

One of the things on my to-do list was get Kinley’s car seat strapped in my car and ready. We don’t have a convertible car seat for him yet due to the fact that when Caitlin was born, we couldn’t use our Britax because she was too small, so we haven’t purchased one for him yet just in case. The car seat we have for him is just one of those little baby bucket/carrier seats that we used for her during that time. When Caitlin finally upgraded to the convertible, the Britax went in my car (since my car is the “family” vehicle) and the bucket went into Chris’ since he only takes her in his car during their “dates”.

So, we get home yesterday from our day of errands and family-ness, which involved going to the mall for a walk and searching for a new wallet (because he ruined his on the fourth), and getting some birthday gifts for next weeks party. Caitlin is having fun on her rocker, Chris is searching for a new wallet online (we couldn’t find one he liked for less than $30), and me? I can’t sit still. I’m just buzzing. I do the dishes, clean the kitchen, repack Caitlin’s bag to see what else I need in it, make sure everything Chris needs is in his bag, inspect mine again, but as soon as I finished one thing, I HAD to do something else. It was an impossible sensation to stop, so I just kept going. I picked up trash, I straightened clothes, I started the dryer…I kept looking around for more and more stuff to do. Finally, I decided, “you know what I should do and would be a totally great idea. Putting the car seat in for Kinley.” The bucket (seat) was already in the house, the cover washed (Not an impossible task like the other two), and the straps readjusted so that it will fit his itty-bitty boy body. The base was still in the “danger zone”, other known as Chris’ car.

Normal people’s cars? Normal people might have some trash in their car, maybe one or two fast food bags and maybe a couple of bottles. Nothing compared to Chris’ car. In Chris’ car, you’re likely to find a portal to Narnia. In Chris’ car, you can see what he’s eaten for lunch for the past six months. I no longer go near Chris’ car for this fact. It’s gross. My car used to be bad, but I’ve since cleaned it out and no longer allow that to happen. There might be one bag in there for trash, but once it’s full, it’s thrown into the can. There’s no need for it.

So when I decided to get the base out of Chris’ car, I wasn’t surprised by the amount of trash in it. What I was surprised by was the fact that it took me 15 minutes to clear enough of it away to take the base out. It was everywhere. It was like a fungus of some sort, every time I moved enough of it away, it just come back. Finally, I got it out, cleaned it up and strapped it in my car.

And Chris decided at this time, he really should clean his car out, because I’m pretty sure soon he and his BFF will have to wear Haz-Mat suits to get to work. It’s that gross. I wish I would have taken a picture, seriously. It’s unbelievable. So, Chris went outside and began while I picked up the house before going out to help.

Oh. My. God.

Here’s what we found:

  • Five of our cups
  • A sippy cup
  • Two clean bottle
  • Two dirty bottles
  • Six unopened cans of sodas. And an unopened bottle of Gatoraide
  • A pair of Caitlin’s shoes that I’ve been searching for forever
  • Twenty-one, size four diapers. Which is really convenient because she’s in size fours
  • An unopened bag of wipes
  • Several missing stuffed animals, including Ellie the Elephont (that’s how we pronounced it), Caitlin’s beloved stuffed elephant from her newborn days
  • My missing diaper bag
  • Two dirty pairs of Caitlin’s pjs
  • Several outfits, randomly strewn about
  • Two baby Zhu-Zhu’s

That’s just what was found in the car, we have yet to go into the trunk. But in all fairness, the trunk, I would guess, is about 95% mine. We also pulled out about three or four bags of trash. THIS ISN’T NORMAL PEOPLE! THREE OR FOUR BAGS OF TRASH IN YOUR CAR IS NOT NORMAL. Luckily, since the trunk is mostly my stuff, I can pretty much promise it is all trash…another 3 or 4 bags of trash….


5 Responses

  1. haha, it happens I guess. Once I cleaned out my car, and found 30 half drank water bottles. Then my friend that was helping with me would continually refer to my drinking problem. lol. I tried to keep them in there in case I ever got stranded! Oh well. I did clean them out, and everytime I park near a trashcan, I empty out the trash from my car. :)

    I like the name of your blog, have you ever heard the dino-alphabet song? I don’t know who it’s by, but I baby sat a little boy that used to sing it all the time. :)

  2. Woah…that sure sounds like a full car! : ) So, that’s what I have to look forward to with my little girl growing up huh? And to think, I thought the cries were as bad as it was gonna get. haha.

    Thanks for stopping by to my blog and giving the words of encouragement with being pregnant throughout school! It’s nice to get the acknowledgment sometimes, but sometimes I wonder if you had the better idea by just taking a little time off! I suppose there’s not perfect way. These kids keep getting in the way I tell ya…oh, and making your car dirty. ; )

  3. OMG haha This is so ME! My mom asks me if I have “raked” my car out lately! I try so hard to keep it clean. And it’s like the bottomless pit, if anything is missing, most likely it’s in my car…and it’s only a Honda Civic….I’m amazed at how much junk I can collect!

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