The joy of pregnancy

This post is a little all over the place. I wrote it after we got home and no matter how many times this happens, I always end up exhausted when I get home. It’s what hospitals do to me.

You know, the most common problem women seem to have is water retention. Me, however? I have the complete opposite problem. I can’t retain ANY water. I’m constantly teetering on the edge of dehydration it seems. I’m so used to it, I don’t think anything of it anymore. I’m always semi-parched and my thirst is never really “quenched”. This usually isn’t an issue, but during pregnancy, it’s a huge issue because dehydration equals lots of problems. The biggest issue I have is going into labor early. It happened with Caitlin. 34 weeks, dehydrated, contractions, labor. And so it went for two weeks, until I gave birth.

I’ve been on a “lots of water” diet, especially since I’m now 34 weeks. But water? So disgusting. Chris thinks this is the strangest thing I’ve ever said, but water tastes bad to me. It leaves a very bitter aftertaste in my mouth and I just don’t enjoy it. It’s semi-difficult to drink the amount of water I’m demanded to, but I try. I really try.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a terrible headache. My first instinct was that it was from dehydration so I got a glass of water and ate breakfast. I continued to drink glass after glass until about 1000, at which point the headache still hadn’t gone away, in fact it was making me cranky and angry and pissy, and plus I saw spots briefly, so I took a Tylenol and decided to see if that helped, and if it didn’t? Calling the doctor. My problem with that, however, was I didn’t want to call my mom and worry her and plus she had 4 kids already. So instead I text my sister, explain what’s going on, get a promise she will not inform mom and she will instead meet me if I need her. So I get in the shower, getting ready, just in case. Because my head feels like it’s about to explode.

An hour passes and the headache is still there, but instead of being stabby and sharp, it’s now dull and throby. But my sister is freaking out, because I had a slight rash on Sunday, and now with the headache and spots she’s concerned about preeclampsia so I tell her it’s gone, and call my doctor’s office anyway. Holly the Unhelpful Nurse tells me “If it were me, I’d go to labor and delivery.” Okay, thanks Holly. So I sit, feed the baby, try to eat myself, talk to Chris on the phone for a little bit, because he’s worried about labor. He tells me I need to go to my mom’s to hang out, problem is, I can’t drive. I’m shaky and headachey and crying. So he says he’s going to call my mom then, and then I get all screamy and sobby “PLEASE DON’T CALL MY MOM!” and force him to stay on the phone with my for a few minutes longer so that I assume he is going back to work and cannot call her. But he tricks me, and calls her anyway. 15 minutes later, she’s pulling up in my driveway.

Goddammit Chris.

She takes me back to her house so she can help keep an eye on the baby and I can relax. And this point, I’ve had four glasses of water and am now carrying a fifth with me. I feel like shit. My head hurts, my back hurts, my stomach hurts, everything hurts, and I’m really nauseous, so I end up falling asleep on my mom’s couch. When I wake up? I think I’m dying, so we call my sister and tell her to meet us at the hospital. My dad is the first one there, and after much confusion, he finds us, just as my sister is finding us. Mom and I got back into labor and delivery and explain the situation, so they put us in the “waiting alcove” and we wait. And I have to pee. Really bad. Painfully bad. After about 30 minutes of waiting and needed to pee, my mom goes and tells them so they can get their sample. Thank god for her.

Greatest part about that moment was that I end up peeing on hand a little bit because I had to pee so bad. Anyway, Chris is finally there, in the alcove, waiting for me as well, and shortly thereafter we get a triage room. Stripped, gowned, vitals done, and monitors on. My blood pressure was normal, perfect in fact, and there was no swelling (that we could tell) so that ruled out preeclampsia. Good. But the monitors? The baby’s heart rate is all over the place, and there are contractions. Super. What the fuck is going on? Am I dying or not?

We sit and wait.
And wait.
And wait.

Finally, Dr. Anthony Anderson comes in, tired and friendly, and asks me what’s going on and what I’ve been doing (he doesn’t trust me since I admitted I’ve mowed the lawn on an extremely hot day, when in the second trimester). At one point, he asks me “how much have you been drinking?” Not thinking, due to exhaustion and pain respond, “Of the water??” What the fuck? Why did I say that? I wasn’t trying to be funny or silly, it just kind of slipped out. I didn’t even realized I said it until after, and I had a chuckle along with everyone else. As it turns out, I was dehydrated. And for once in my life, I was shocked to hear those words. I thought I was doing a good job with water intake, but like I said, I can’t retain it. I pee it out almost immediately. The good news was, I was only slightly dehydrated, which is a step up, but obviously it’s enough to give me contractions. Shortest trip to L&D ever. Arrived at 540-ish and left around 8, no IV’s (thank god), and no restrictions. Except drink more fluid. But water obviously isn’t doing shit, so Chris is demanding two fairly large bottle of Gatorade be finished a day. Or more water.

After spending all day literally feeling like shit and then three-ish hours in the hospital from hell, I’m just glad it’s over. Not much longer now. Not much longer. I just hate those days where you feel like you should probably go to the doctor, but when you do, it’s totally not worth the trip up there. Especially with a 45 minute drive.

Here’s hoping today looks better. Here’s hoping the Gatorade works.


2 Responses

  1. You know.. that doesn’t sound fun at all.
    (overstating the obvious).

    Glad you feel better.. now.. take a drink.

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