Happy Birthday Brood!!

That time of year is upon my family. Today is the day of the Big Birthday Bash for my nieces and nephews!! There are a lot of them, so every year, to make sure everyone gets a birthday party, my mom hosts a super bash for all of them. Very exciting!!

So I just want to say Happy Birthday to all my lovelies. I love being an aunt almost as much as I love being a mom and I’m so glad that Chris loves being an uncle to all his nieces and nephews. They may only be apart of his heart through marriage but he adores those kiddos.

So Happy Birthday to…


Claudia, age 12 (and a half)


Madi, age 11


Stone, age 10


Sidney, age 10


Damien, age 8


Annabelle, age 8


Baby Pat, age 5


Cam, age 4


And of course, Caitlin, age 1

Last year’s theme was “luau”, this year’s is bowling. There are three more who are not pictured; Emily, age 12; Bo, age 11; and Charlotte, age 1 (we give birth in pairs if you haven’t noticed.). Emily and Bo had a family emergency, while Charlotte goes up and visits her mom’s family during this time so she doesn’t get to attend, but we still celebrate her.

I love my nieces and nephews, and I’m pretty damn excited about today’s party. I just wish I could bowl too.


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