Hospitals make me sleepy

Have you ever had one of those days that was supposed to be really simple and flow relatively easy and then all of a sudden, you’re in the ER for 3 hours?

Yea, that’s how my day was yesterday. In fact, when I woke up, my first tweet of the morning was “I’m hoping this day passes without much issue.” Can anyone say “foreshadowing?”

The day was wrought with issues. Like, for one, the other night I went to bed with a couple of “spots” of blood, decided to ignore it because it was just a couple of spots. Woke up in the morning to find more, only to discover that it was our rough ass toilet paper eating me away raw since I have to pee every 15 seconds. Also, my hoohoo is fat. She’s outgrown my underwear, whereas my hips and ass fit fine in it. (Sorry dad) So, try having to pee, repeatedly with a very raw, fat hoohoo, that is suddenly 10lbs bigger and is poking out all over the place. It’s a very funny image to see, and if I thought Chris would think it was okay (for the sake of the blog) I would post a picture. But I’m sure he likes to keep that “under wraps”.

But it’s always fun that the first text you send to your husband in the morning is something along the lines of “yea, um, the bleeding? Totally just an injury, no baby yet.”

And then? We discussed what to do for my birthday. *Sigh* Really? All I want is to sleep in a little bit and eat some chocolate chip-blueberry pancakes when I wake up. And possibly a walk around the mall. That’d be nice too. Maybe some Ryan’s rolls. Because the rolls at Ryan’s? OMGNOMNOMNOM. I like food a lot lately.

I also drew and colored with Caitlin, but I did most of it, while she sat on the paper and held the markers the wrong way. But it was a lot of fun, she seemed to enjoy it, she got a little messy and created something pretty. Eventually, that mess was cleaned up and we went to keep my mom company while she took my grandpa to get his bi-weekly hemoglobin shot. That’s pretty much when shit went downhill.

My grandpa (Gpa) is 92 and I adore him. My grandma (Gma) is 90 and I’m less than thrilled that she is still thriving. I’m not going to lie. She’s not a nice woman, and if she were to die before my gpa, I would be lying if I were to tell you that there wouldn’t be a sigh of relief amongst my family. She’s just not a nice or pleasant person to deal with, and she’s always treated my mother horribly. Plus, she didn’t want any of us (grandchildren) born. Now, that you think we’re all horrible people (we totally are)….

So the fact that Gpa is doing less than stellar (Gma potentially has Mesothelioma which we’re completely unsure of HOW that happened) is very upsetting to me. His legs are extremely swollen and no matter what the doctor’s seem to put him on, it doesn’t appear to be helping.

The thing to keep in mind about Gpa is, he doesn’t want to admit he’s in his 90’s and just might have to stop doing some of the things he used to, like walking up a curb instead of using the wheelchair ramp. Watching Gpa walk is like feeling your heart constantly in your throat and you’re on pins and needles, constantly on edge preparing to catch him when he teeters. Usually when I go with them, I walk behind him or next to him so I can grab him quickly, but after months of him being okay, today was the day mom and I decided he can walk by himself a little bit. I walked ahead with my nieces and nephews, and she held the door. Suddenly, I hear mom say “Watch out, watch out, WATCH OUT!” and I turn just in time to watch Gpa faceplant into the sidewalk. Fuck. Neither one of us were close enough to catch him, and even if we were, he would have easily taken us down with him. Even in his 90’s, Gpa is a stocky, heavy man. I yelled at the nurse/receptionist that we needed help and out they went. No hemoglobin shot for him today, just a trip to the ER, as much as he didn’t want to go.

The ambulance came, cleaned his head up a bit and took him across the street to the hospital, where we waited. And waited. And waited. With five children aged 11-16 months. So exhausting. Apparently, the little cut we thought he had above his eyebrow was worse than we thought. His right eye is nearly swollen shut apparently (I haven’t seen him yet, this is reports from my mom), and his forehead was all sorts of bandaged up. He needed stitches, but his legs, which the doctor and nurse at the office, not to mention the three EMTs, all wanted checked out? I don’t think they were checked out. Poor Gpa’s glasses are broken and he was all sorts of confused of how he fell…he had two canes after all. Never mind the fact that his poor legs are so swollen he couldn’t lift them high enough to get on the curb…eventually my brother, Patrick, came and took two of the kids, leaving me in the waiting area with two and Caitlin, until my dad came to relieve my mom of caretaker duties.

Three hours after we arrived, my mom and I are finally on our way home, completely exhausted. My niece Madison? She says to me “I guess this means we’re not going to King’s Dominion now…” When I tell her “No, probably not sweetie” she responds “Well, Nonnie said at night…” Um hate to break it to you sweetie, but no, not tonight. Sorry.

I’m still exhausted. I need another 3 hours of sleep please and thank you. And please, next time I tweet something that resembles anything like my tweet for yesterday morning? Tell me I’m an idiot and I need to knock on wood or something. Please. No more ER trips for Gpa right now.


7 Responses

  1. Holy crap! How is he doing today??? Sending prayers!

    PS. The bit about your hoo ha was hilareeeous!

    • I think he’s doing okay, last I heard he and my dad were on their way home with a few stitches in the forehead. So I’ll probably know more information today..thank you!! He’s a stubborn one.

  2. Wow, Madison said that?!?! I am surprised that it came from her, I would not expect that from her. Although being a tween she has sudden moments of selfishness and bizarre behavior.

    Your day sounded like it totally sucked. I guess there is a chance that today could end up being a hospital day too dependent upon your appointment. ;)

  3. Sorry to hear about your Gpa! Glad he’s doing okay….but how scary!!

    As for your hoohoo story….hilarious! I spit coffee out when I was reading it!

  4. Sorry to hear about your Gpa, that sucks!

    Your hoohoo gets bigger?? UGH!! And my friends wonder why I’m terrified of pregnancy.

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