Well, lookie lookie here

Now, it’s no secret I had a long week (“Bad” or “rough” didn’t seem proper here) adjusting to two under two; so imagine my joy when I found out the bee-uuu-tiful Kimberly from All Work & No Play Make Mommy Go Something Something was handing out an award to moi!

She thinks I’m versatile…and a warrior. Sa-woon. She’s quickly becoming one of my newest bloggy bffs and someone I *know* I can turn to when needed. She’s so awesome.

So what I gotta do is list seven things and the hand off to seven people, so here goes!!

  1. I can pound down some Tootsie Rolls. They are my biggest weakness.
  2. I was never into working out, but since having Kinley I started doing yoga and some exercising and I find myself enjoying it and feeling a lot better afterward.
  3. Chris calls me an atheist, but I’m not. I guess you could call it agnostic, but I prefer to say “uncommitted to any ideals.”
  4. My biggest torture this summer has been being pregnant/just giving birth and living 20 minutes away from an amusement park with a bad ass new ride.
  5. After kissing goodbye in the morning, Chris and I do “Shake and Bake” from Talladega Nights.
  6. I love to make lists. Like, really really love to make lists. I make lists about everything.
  7. I believe Chris and I were meant to be for the simple fact that our paths crossed many times without realizing it.

So there are my seven things, and now seven bloggers.

  1. First, the ever lovely, ever funny Roxane over at Days. I adore her ways.
  2. Jen at Buried With Children because her stories are wonderful, her children are beautiful and by god, if she can survive four I can surely survive two!!
  3. Miranda from Not Super…Just Mom because when her little boy was teeny tiny? Kinley could be his semi-twin.
  4. You can’t have Miranda without having Katie from Sluiter Nation! Her family is beautiful, and her post about her sons nursery made me cry. And also? I have a soft spot for teachers.
  5. Amethyst from Life, Music & Laughter because I adore the way she incorporates lyrics into her posts. A girl after my own heart with her music love.
  6. Lindsey at Waking Up Williams because I want to brush her hair, I totally dig her pictures from when she was going into labor, and her baby is just stinking adorable.
  7. Cassi from Casa di Cass because once or twice? She made me nearly pee myself.

Of course, there are many many blogs I’m loving but those are seven that are sticking out to me right now. And of course, ladies, no need to pay it forward if this isn’t your thing. Just wanted to show you love. Tee-hee.

And another huge thank you to Kimberly because she inspires me (literally and figuratively) and she is a wonderful, caring friend. <3 And plus? Her ass looks AWESOME in gold spandex tights.


15 Responses

  1. You had me at “Shake n Bake”

    that is AWESOME! My husband and I were Ricky Bobbie and Cal McNaughton Jr for Halloween. I need to show you re pictures! They totally beat the spandex.

    I <3 you!!

    • OMG! You guys were!? That is so awesome!! That is one of our favorite movies, we can quote it almost perfectly. You are so awesome. And beating those spandex will be pretty hard….

  2. I love that Katie and I are now a package deal!! Thanks for the award!

  3. I SO understand…I’m learning that same lesson this last week….my son just celebrated his 2 week birthday….I try to remember my older son being that little…and I don’t think he ever was…lol….

    Congrats on the award! and good luck with 2 under two!

  4. Any person that can scarf down tootsie rolls is a GREAT person in my book : )

    I have never done yoga but I think I am going to try it today : )

    Good luck with blogging. Have fun!

  5. Ok, first? I TOTALLY agree with you about Miss Kim. She is wonderful and awesome and I agree that she QUICKLY became a fellow snarky warrior for me too. You so deserve this award and it’s just awesome that it came from Kimberly!
    Second? I agree with Miranda that it is AWESOME that we are now a package deal. That is the awesomest thing ever and made my morning.
    And lastly? How honored am I that you passed this on to me?!? I big puffy heart love you back. Hope you know that, momma!! Thank you!

  6. Pua, you are so so wonderful. Thank you very much! I hope that everything is going splendid with Kinley. I’m sure you’re doing fantastic because you are a wonderful mommy :)

    “ever lovely and ever funny” was my favorite part. You are so sweet!

  7. Congrats on your award. I am certain it is well deserved.

  8. Aw, thank you. You totally made my day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)

    And how awesome after a long week, to discover an award. Yeah, you!

  9. Thank you for the award, you want to brush my hair? That’s so cool, no one has ever told me that, is it cause you think it’s messy or silky? (Please say silky). And I love my little girl, she is in fact a Master yogi and is trying to master downward facing dog. Hahaha. Thanks again for nominating me!

  10. Awww thank you so much! Making others pee their pants is my goal so cheers to success!!!! :)

    WOOHOO! :)

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