Big changes

*Le Sigh* Of course it would start to rain as I began to write this. *huff*

Anyway. I won’t be here much this weekend. As in, probably not posting and probably not on Twitter that much. Why? Well, I’ll be busy moving.

That’s right. We will be saying “good-bye” to the house Chris and I purchased last year. The home we brought our babies home to. The home with freshly painted green walls, and a beautiful ocean themed nursery. The home with a big fenced in back yard, surrounded by woods. The home with a bay window overlooking those woods where we set up our kitchen table. Good-bye.

It’s not all bad, however. In fact, the sadness I initially felt about this parting has since passed and slight excitement and relief is beginning to settle in. You see, we’re going to move in with my brother, Patrick. He lives alone, in a four bedroom house, with his son who he has part time, and just like us he is struggling. No one here is immune to the damaged recession, not an IT guy and his stay-at-wife, not a Marine turned deputy, and we’re going to be helping each other out significantly by doing this. Chris and I can’t imagine a better place to be, or a better person to share a home with. Seriously, on a scale of 1 to Jesus brother, he is Jesus brother.

And so, Chris and I are saying good-bye to our home. The home where much sadness lived in the walls through this year. The home where many tears have been shed and many heartbreaks have been suffered through. The home I hated for so long before the fresh green paint arrived. The home I wished we never had. We are saying good-bye, and starting over. A fresh start, in a new place. It’s for the best for everybody.

Once we are settled in our new home, with our wonderful housemate, living in a bedroom with fresh green paint, with a beautiful ocean themed nursery, I know we’ll be okay. It will be a long weekend, and it might be filled with some sadness and a few more tears might be shed, just for old times sake, but it’s going to also be filled with more excitement and relief. And we’ll be okay, because throughout it all, we have each other.


2 Responses

  1. Good luck. Hope the move goes smoothly & leads to better times.

    Grace & peace ~ Tammy

  2. Yes, good luck indeed!!! We always knew that we would eventually move once our son was school age. We both grew up in the county and loved it. You know, small town life. But now that we live kind of close to the city and we have the most rocking neighbors and we have put in a lot of blood sweat and tears and lots of memories in our home, I think that I would be sad to leave it. It’s home. But you can take the memories with you and just think of all the wonderful happy memories you’re going to create in your new place. That in itself is exciting. It’s an adjustment but it’ll be good.
    Much luck lady!!
    PS. I am sending you a “House Warming Gift” in the form of gold spandex pants because every household closet needs a pair. ;)

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