So it begins

I have some time today to write. We’re moving by night, since my brother is on night shift and sleeps during the day for now, so once he is awake around noon, we’ll go over there and do some more, hopefully we’ll get a bit done tonight so Chris and I can decide whether or not we want to start living there tonight or not.

We got a late start last night, so all we really succeeded in getting done was moving some of my brother’s ex’s stuff into the garage (which also had to be cleaned and straightened up) and moving some furniture from his office upstairs to the downstairs, and his bed into his new room. He is generous enough to give us the master bedroom, his reasoning is that he doesn’t sleep in the room very much anyway.

Like I said, today we won’t be getting such a late start so on today’s agenda is painting the babies’ room and starting to move furniture from our house to his, along with steam cleaning the carpet, which it desperately needs. I love my brother, but he needs help. Poor guy has been living alone in this house for a few months now and it just really needs…something. It’s unfinished and a little unorganized, and he just doesn’t have the time to do anything about it. But now, there will be me, to keep it clean and organized and cook for everybody.

I’m not so sad anymore about the move. It’s really in the best interest of everybody, especially since at this point we think our AC is starting to crap out on us. We have invested a lot of time and energy into the house but there are no special happy memories that exist here that make it hard to part. Our time here was short, but not often sweet, and the attachment I have to it is still very fresh and new, only a couple of months old. The only thing that is really hard and sad to me is having to say good bye to Linux. We’re not able to take him with us, my brother has a new puppy who is very energetic herself and two babies under two, a four year old who is there part time and two hyper dogs is just too much for anyone to handle. Rather than taking him to a shelter however, we’re trying to find an actual home. It breaks my heart, especially since it’s breaking Chris’ so much, but it’s just too much on top of everything else. We’ll find him a good home tho, and he’ll be in a better situation than we could give him right now. At this point, that’s the only thing that allows sadness to penetrate my heart. Otherwise, I am fine.

I’ve carried the stress about everything for so long, I don’t know how to live without it. It feels strange with it not burdening my heart as much. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to announce that my heart isn’t heavy anymore, that relief has fully set in, but for now there is just too much going on.


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