Mornings are for losers

I like to think I’m a pretty rational person (Chris would beg to differ). Well, at least I try to be. I take things for what they’re worth, how about that? I like to think that I’m grounded enough to understand what’s really happening around me. But y’all? My brother’s house? Totally haunted.

That’s not saying much, because our old house was haunted too. And my parents house is a little haunted as well. And my brother’s Steven’s house is definitely haunted potential, he has one of those really creepy attics with the creepy staircases in the bedroom (actual staircase). To make matters creepier, it’s in the nursery. My niece is potentially sleeping in a room with ghosts. Ghosts like attics, especially creepy attics, you know?

Anyway, so this morning, I’m laying in bed, Kinley is next to me and Chris is getting ready for work while Caitlin snores away in her own bedroom. It’s pretty quiet in the house, my brother, I’m assuming is in his room or on the couch sleeping and his dog is running around quietly. I’m all excited because it looks like I’ll be able to go downstairs with Kinley and watch some tv before Caitlin wakes up, when suddenly and randomly, the smoke detectors start going off. I wonder out loud what the eff is going on and Chris responds “I don’t know.” I ask him about the house burning down, he says “I doubt it, otherwise I would smell it.” Okay, well, the smoke detectors are going off for no reason at 7 in the morning. Freaking awesome. I hear Caitlin crying so I get dressed and go to fetch her, but when I walk in her room I quickly realize, no she was still asleep and me walking in the room is what woke her. Freaking awesome. So now she’s crying and awake, and I pick her up out of the crib and she’s soaking wet. Like, head to toe soaked in her own urine. Oh. my. god. Let me tell you, not exactly the best way to start your morning. We’re on day three of waking up here and every morning has brought something new. Day one was confusion because my brother’s car wasn’t here, yet his baby momma was sleeping on the couch. Day two was half eaten diapers in the living room and day three brings our resident ghost making his presence known and a urine soaked toddler. But I’m starting to feel better, more comfortable than I was. It’s not quite home yet, but it’s getting there.

And seriously, this house is haunted.


3 Responses

  1. Haha, Cameron told me he saw the “goat man” in his house. However, the logical reasons the smoke detectors could have been going off are: battery dying, dust, or a short in one of them. In our house they are all connected, so if one goes off they all will, I bet they are like that there too. Its not something to ignore though since they can save your life, you’ll need someone to look at them all and change all the batteries while you are at it.

    Oh and by the way be careful of that creepy lady who stands over Caitlin’s crib at night and stares at her.

  2. Oh, yeah, that’s a haunted house. And poor Caitlin got slimed.

  3. Thanks for the heebeejeebees today.

    Find the garlic!!


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