Friday the 13th

It’s really dark and nasty out where we have set up our humble home. As I type this it’s raining, Caitlin is softly napping, Kinley is whining and talking, and my brother has gone to my mom’s to take a shower. Because we have no water.

We have no water. At all.

Apparently, there was a pipe that burst somewhere near us, and so now we are waterless until further notice.

Now, I’m not normally a superstitious person. I’ve walked under ladders, opened umbrellas indoors and even mess with Ouija boards in my spare time. But the fact remains that today is Friday the 13th and so far today, I’ve had to keep Caitlin locked away upstairs because people were sleeping in the living room, she’s stepped in dog poop, I had a small meltdown, and I missed my opportunity to take a shower because I decided a half hour nap was more needed than getting bathed. Had I not waited, I would be clean by now. So now, I’m sitting in the living room, with my brother’s ex, watching tv waiting to go to my mom’s so I can get clean. Oh wait, no, I’m not watching tv, because the storm had knocked it out. SUPER.

Let’s look at the small blessings, however.

  1. At least this didn’t happen last night, so I didn’t miss Big Brother.
  2. My mom lives close enough where I can go to her house and shower.
  3. It’s Friday.
  4. Caitlin is still napping.
  5. Maybe with all the rain, the tadpoles who have set up camp in the pool will wash away and I’ll no longer feel guilty when we get the pump fixed and are able to get it going again.

Okay, I’m pretty much spent as far as small blessings. I’m cold and wet from letting in the dog, the tv is out, Caitlin’s foot smells like poop, I smell like spit up and can’t even brush my teeth. And it’s only 1230. There are still 11 and a half hours to go today…


8 Responses

  1. Our cats peed all over the laundry room this morning which included all over Derek’s shoes. I’m suddenly feeling as nauseous as I was at 7 weeks pregnant and I am 16 weeks according to the doctor, I haven’t eaten in two days. It’s raining and the house is a mess but I feel so sick I am having a hard time cleaning it up. Emotionally I am feeling pretty spent but at least…I have WATER! ;)

    • As soon as I hit publish Caitlin woke up from her nap, I walked into her room because she was screaming like a mad man and she was sitting on the rail of the crib, holding onto the pole for dear life.

  2. That visual made me laugh!!!!

  3. I don’t know if I would have been able to fight that urge!

  4. At least YOU don’t smell like poo, right? Besides, you don’t need running water to pierce your nose. :)

  5. Man, you really have had a pretty tough day, eh? I love Friday the 13th, I remember when I was a child I looked forward to them because there would always be a marathon of horror movies on the television on those days. It was always the most exciting thing for me, haha. I still get excited, but I don’t see marathons as much these days, but now I can just rent horror movies and make Friday the 13th a special day.

    One of my friends had a horrible day last night and blamed it on Friday the 13th as well. haha. I’d hate to step in dog poo and not be able to wash my foot, I’d be sooo miserable haha. I can’t stand my feet or hands being dirty.

    • I love Friday the 13th for the horror movies too!! I used to rent tons of scary movies as a little girl and stay up all night watching. Yesterday, however, was truly the pits. And right around midnight, our power went out. Hahaha

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