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My sister has a wonderful talent for photography. In fact, she takes some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. She has a real knack for finding the beauty and personality in a person and really allowing it to shine through. Like this one, which is one of my favorite’s from Caitlin’s first birthday.Birthday I love to show off my sister’s photography. But today, I have something special. My sister isn’t the only one with amazing talent. My uncle, Luis? He is amazingly talented as well, and recently he put some pictures up on Facebook that I just had to share with you. Mind you, I’ve watermarked these with my very standard watermark in a much lighter tinting, just to ensure these are not stolen, but like I said, these are my uncle Luis amazing photos. His talent, his vision, his art. Please enjoy.Gulf Views1Gulf Views2Gulf Views3Gulf Views4


8 Responses

  1. Love that pic from Caitlyn’s birthday! And your uncle’s pics? The only word that comes to mind is surreal. Those are amazing!

  2. How I wish I could take pictures like that. I’d never need to buy art for my house again.

  3. Those photos are freakin stunning!! So unique!! Love em!!

  4. Thanks for the compliments on my pictures, little sister. :) That REALLY makes my heart glow to “hear” you saying that about me. You made my day!

    Uncle Luis’ pictures are quite amazing, I guess he has dived into the digital photography world and is really doing well with it! His pictures are truly amazing!

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