Crib jumper aka No nap Monday

I begged her to stop. Cried and pleaded, “No, please don’t. I’m not ready.” But she wouldn’t listen. She carried on her merry way, and she continues on her merry way. Continues to grow up.

Every day I watch her, grow and learn. Listen to her talk and sing. She’s created games for us to play together, makes up rules and silently teaches me how to play along.

“When I flap my hands mommy, you flap yours. When I touch my head, you touch yours.”

She communicates and listens, she knows what she wants and when she wants it. And she now knows how to get what she wants.

A week  and a half ago (Friday the 13th), she woke up screaming from her nap. A distressed, “please mommy, it’s dark and I’m scared” scream, not a “I’m hurt and need you now” scream, just to clarify. So I walk upstairs and open her door, giving myself a second to let my eyes adjust to the extreme dark of the room. When I finally look towards the crib, all I see are her arms wrapped around one of the poles. I round the corner to the front of her crib and am shocked by what I see. She’s straddling it. Like, she had started to climb out, but got scared, and that’s when she started to cry. My inital instinct was to run downstairs and get my phone to take a picture, but I realized I didn’t have that kind of time, so I took her out and comforted her while trying to burn the image into my head forever. It was too funny.

Yesterday was kind of a weird day. She went to bed late the night before and so woke up late in the morning. Plus, I was babysitting two of my nephews so she was very excited and wanted to play when I went to put her down for a late nap. She wasn’t very happy about a potential nap, but her sleep schedule has been kind of screwy lately, so it was needed. She did not agree however.

I went through our nap time routine; in her room, door closed, blinds shut, in the rocking chair, giving her a bottle while I talk to her about our plans for when she wakes up. After all that she usually lets me know when she’s ready for the crib, at which point I kiss her forehead, her cheeks, her hands and feet and finally get a kiss from her and put her down. She didn’t want to go in the crib, however. She wanted to go play the drums with her cousins. “No,” I told her, “you need to take a nap.” Shut the door. Walk out.

She cried. I could hear her. She didn’t want to be in there, I knew that. But she needed to take a nap.

I waited a few minutes. Listened to see if she would settle down and fall asleep while I nursed Kinley. She didn’t, and I knew she wouldn’t, it was the scream she does to keep herself awake. So, upstairs I drag myself to cuddle some more with her and calm her down until she was ready for the crib again.

When I get to the top of the stairs, I notice how loud and close sounding her screams are. Literally, they sound like they are coming right on the other side of the door. I start to open it, but before I can even open it all the way, it’s yanked from my hand. I’m stand in stunned silence as she opens the door, runs out the room, and begins to crawl down the stairs.

I grab her up and inspect her. No red marks, no bruises, she doesn’t seem to be hurt, just pissed off. So, I set her down and let her go downstairs. I watched her in awe. She’s not my little, teeny, helpless baby anymore. She’s a toddler. A full-fledged toddler. Soon she’ll be a kid, and then a teenager and an adult. And my heart is just breaking. My baby is now a toddler, a little girl.

But no matter how old she is, or how much she learns and does in her life, I’ll always remember her as my baby girl.Caitlin1My crazy, monkey-like, beautiful baby girl.

And for the record, I still have *NO* idea how she got out.


8 Responses

  1. Magic!!!!

  2. We JUST converted our sons crib to a toddler be because of this. He master the jail break and we worried about his safety. They are sneaky sneaky beings let me tell you!

    • We’re getting her toddler bed from our old house this weekend to get started on that transition. I’m so nervous about it!! I just don’t know HOW she did it, there is nothing around for her to ease her way down. I just imagine her shimming down the crib side like a cat burglar.

  3. She “jumped and jumped and then flewed out!”

  4. Being able to get out of the crib/playpen on his own is my greatest fear. Terrifying.

  5. Don’t feel bad, mine only would take naps when it was inconvenient, like a block away from the grocery store, and she didn’t call for help half-way out of her crib. She just flipped herself onto the floor….thud.

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