First day of school

Yesterday was a big day for two of my troop of favorite children in the whole world. My niece, Madison, went into middle school, and my nephew, Baby Pat, went into kindergarten.

Seriously you guys, I was so nervous for them, I can only imagine how my sister felt. Every time I saw them over the last few weeks, several of our conversations went to the first day of school.

When I would ask Baby Pat how he was feeling, he was excited. He’s such a big boy now…I still remember the day he was born. I was babysitting his sisters and when we got the call that he was born, I told them they had a baby brother. My niece, Annabelle, said, very upset, “But I wanted a sister.” But now he’s a school kid!!Patrick First DayApparently, he was doing fine and dandy and was excited up until he got into the classroom. At that point, he told my sister his “blood felt funny” and wanted her to stay. I’m melty sadness over here that he was nervous.Annabelle First DayMy niece, Annabelle, went into third grade, so it wasn’t too big of a deal for her. Only, it sort of was because she has taken amazing strides in her education. She has learning disabilities I guess you could say, but last year she was on honor roll. AND she’s apparently super popular. Madison First DayAnd finally, Madison, going into the sixth grade. Oh. My. God. Now, she’s a toughie for me because Caitlin looked exactly like her at 6 months. Spitting-freaking-image. And now, she’s practically a teenager!! My biggest thing (and I know it’s my sister’s as well), is she’s so pretty and skinny, and I know this is the age girls start to get catty and mean. It breaks my heart that she might be hurt by a friend. I told her if she ever needs someone to talk to and she didn’t want to talk to her mom, I’m a phone call away and no one needs to know what we discussed. Because I’m a super cool aunt like that.

Now, here’s something that made me all melty and happy. These pictures were lifted off of Facebook, and my sister’s boyfriend (who is not their BIOLOGICAL father, but the best damn father they have) said “I think it is neat that she is the third generation of my family to attend that school.” in the comments. I’m all teary and sobby over here that they are growing up and then he has to leave that comment. WHAT THE EFF!?

They are such awesome kids, and I adore them so much. I don’t play favorites, but if I did, her brigade would totally be contenders.

I’m getting all nostalgic and sad over them growing up and starting school, can you guys imagine the melt down I’m going to have in a few years when Caitlin starts school?? I’m going to need a Xanex or two to get me through THAT day.


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  1. Ugh. My daughter’s a little older than Caitlin and I’m totally not looking forward to the day she goes to school. I’m going to be an absolute mess.

  2. It was a day I was NOT looking forward to and a day that came much too quickly. 6 years, Pua, ONLY six more years until Madi is off to college! Can you believe it?! They really do grow up way too fast, I still see them as diapered little babies and toddlers and I can’t quite get used to them growing up. So, as I am sure many others have said to you before, cherish every single little moment you have with your babies because that will be a picture of Caitlin and Kinley before you know it and THEN you will know what the word ‘bittersweet’ means.

  3. My niece and nephew were my first “part time” kids. Love them do death. When they both started school I felt so proud for them. Now my niece is my son’s baby-sitter and she’s the star of the volleyball, basketball and gymnasitcs team and an A student. Sniff sniff…
    My nephew is a soccer pro and is the best “big cousin” to my son.

    Love them to bits!

    • I keep asking the older niece to talk to her mom about letting her babysit Caitlin. She’s so responsible and smart and helps out with Caitlin a ton when she’s over. I trust her more than most adults with my babies.

  4. Pua, I was babysitting at Madi’s age and not just for y’all but for neighborhood kids too. I think Madi would be a great babysitter and I told her that she is going to take the Red Cross Babysitters’ Course this year. Unfortunately, in this day of age I doubt many parents are going to go for hiring an 11 year old to babysit, parents nowadays want 20 somethings to sit for their kids.

  5. Okay, the facebook comment made me almost get teary eyed too! And oh, how I loved the first day of school. Good memories.

    p.s.~ Have I ever told you how much I love your twitter and subscribe buttons? ‘Cause they rock my world. Though I kinda agree w/ditching the email one, for it had taken me a little while to figure out it was a letter in his mouth!

    • My husband actually created everything. He has talent I like to say. And yea, I agree, the email one was difficult to make out so I finally decided to toss it.

      The first day of school rocks. When I went with my sister and her kids shopping, I so wanted to just buy school supplies for myself and walk around with them in a backpack like a lunatic.

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