Fill it with music

A lot of happy moments for Chris and I happen in two places; in the bedroom (not only that you guys) and in the car. We spend a lot of our time driving places, just getting out and exploring. Many hours of Caitlin’s life have been strapped in her car seat and, thankfully, she enjoys it.

We fill the car with music as we drive, everyone’s favorite songs blast through the speakers, sometimes on repeat for hours. We sing and dance along as we roll down the highway. We argue about songs and change stations and cds. We keep the music playing up until we get there, rarely turning it down, never turning it off.

We play Caitlin’s favorite song (“Hey Soul Sister” by Train) about a thousand times on any given trip. When she first hears the strumming of the ukulele, her face lights up with the most beautiful smile and we laugh and giggle as she shakes her head and claps her hands along happily. We blast Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, and Chris and I belt it out, as loud as we can while Cait stares at us as if we had gone crazy. It’s those moments I wish I could freeze in time and return to whenever I wanted.

If you were to peek into our bedroom on any given Saturday morning, you would probably find Chris and her dancing around to music on the iPod, while I laid in bed watching and singing along. You could feel the love radiating off of the two of them, as they danced and laughed and sang along. Lots of joy on our Saturday mornings, lots of joy on our drives.

We fill our days with music, which fills our lives with love. We’ve been through a lot, and if we keep filling every moment with song, we’ll be okay.


5 Responses

  1. “in the bedroom (not only that you guys)” LOL

    I love dance parties with my daughter – though I never imagined I’d be dancing to Strawberry Shortcake.

  2. :) Music is the language of the soul. Nothing has the ability to heal and bring together people as music does.

  3. I knew I loved you! Music has helped me SO much through this PPD nightmare. My husband bought me an iPod touch for christmas even though we aggreed not to buy anything that could not be stuffed in a stocking or more expensive than 20 bucks because we were super tight on cash-ola. But he knew how much music has meant to me in my recovery and just in my life in general. Me and Chunky have such a blast in the morning listening to music.
    PS you should join the music monday thing!! I’d love to hear your playlist!!

    • I’ve been thinking about it actually! I love going to check out what you, you always make awesome choices!! For Christmas a couple of years ago, my hubs got me an iPod Nano because my old Zune busted and I was lost without some sort of MP3 player. It was a complete surprise and I just melted when I unwrapped it.

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