Oh. My.

Usually, around August, Chris gets one last hair cut and shave and then doesn’t touch it again until around May. Usually, around December, he ends up looking like this:December ChrisHe’ll tell me he’s going to grow it out, down to his shoulders, and I let him go on because I know, by May, it’ll be too long and he’ll get hot and cut it off. And then, he’ll usually look like this:May ChrisA good medium, no? It doesn’t require maintenance and he only needs to get it cut every month so he doesn’t die of heat exhaustion in the summer. I like both lengths, so I never complain, unless he doesn’t let me say good-bye to his beard. I love his beard. I’m like Ke$ha in that way.

So, last night he goes over to our old house to finish mowing the back yard, which was rather high. When he got home he asked me to give him a hair cut, which I am COMPLETELY uncomfortable with, so I asked him if he could wait until my brother came home so he could help him. He then mentioned that he wished we had clippers, or that maybe we should just wait until Friday anyway…and then leaves to go in the shower.

I didn’t expect him to take a hugely long shower, he never does, so after half an hour, I began to get worried and thought that maybe he was in the bathtub instead. After another 15 or 20 minutes, my brother and nephew came home and my nephew asked where he was. Jokingly, I said, “He took a shower, but I think he drowned.”  After ten minutes of talking to my nephew about Chris possibly “drowneded” (he’s four) in the shower, I went to check on him.

I walk into the bathroom and see the silhouette of him against the shower curtain, and say “Hey, babe, are you okay? I’m starting to get worr…” Suddenly, he rips open the shower curtain and I’m greeted with a wide grinning, handsome and BALD husband.





Oh my god. What did I do to deserve this?

He shaved his head completely bald. I was in shock for several, several minutes. I told my brother, he laughed and asked why he did that, and I didn’t have an answer really except he was hot. It wasn’t until he came out that he reminded me that he had told me, next time I refuse to cut his hair, he’s shaving himself bald. Oh.

So, now? He looks like this: Bald ChrisIt’s not the greatest picture, because it’s from my cell phone, but you get the idea.

I’m still in shock. It’s going to take some getting used to.


4 Responses

  1. I think it looks kick ass!!

  2. My husband goes bald every so often. His biggest threat is to grow it LONG. And wear a sock in it. Like he did in college.

    You’re welcome for putting the bald into perspective.

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