And suddenly, the sick season has come

I hate it when my babies are sick. Not because when Kinley is, it causes me physical pain because he won’t nurse (because it totally does). Or because I get little-to-no sleep when either are because they are up whining and fussing all night (because it totally happens). I hate it because, like any mother, I can’t stand that helpless feeling I get when they look at me, crying, begging me to make them feel better. It’s awful.

Both babies are sick, which makes for a very sad mommy. Kinley was so constipated the last few days, so you could tell that his tummy (I always feel ridiculous saying that) was hurting bad. A stuffed nose on top of that stopped him from nursing pretty much all night, and instead staring at me with his little bottom lip popped out whining. Caitlin has had a fever since Sunday night, but yesterday it finally got bad. We’re all stuffy noses and coughs and sneezes over here today folks, with a side of watery eyes and a nice big bottle of whine.

Needless to say, last night completely sucked. From midnight to nine this morning, I got about two hours of sleep total, 10-20 minutes at a time. I tried everything I could think of to get the two of them comfortable, but it just wasn’t happening. After she woke up four times, I brought her in bed with us, hoping it would comfort her. Instead, she laid in bed, talking and singing. Cute at any other time, but not two in the morning. I gave her a pacifier in hopes it would soothe her. Nope, just encouraged her to play, so finally she went back into her crib. And then she woke up two hours later, at which point Kinley was awake and hungry, but not wanting to nurse. It went on like this until we finally got up at 9.

So today, everyone is exhausted. Both babes are cuddled awkwardly in my lap, asleep and snoring, just exhausted from the horror of a night we had. I wish I could eat something, or even get comfortable enough to nap too. Obviously neither of those things are happening…


2 Responses

  1. My little one got soooo sick back in April (103 temps, hospital trip, and all kinds of other stuff) and he would just look at me with his big, blue eyes & it would kill me. I couldn’t do anything for him but hold him.

    He’s got a cold today and he feels awful and again I can’t do anything for him-it sucks!

    I hope your little ones get better soon! Stopping by from Twitter!

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