Message from Caitlin

*Tap tap tap* Is this thing on?Caitlin1Hi everybody!! It’s me, Caitlin.Caitlin2Mommy is a little busy right now, so she asked me to take care of today’s post! My favorite thing to do is bang on her laptop, so of course I said “yes!”Caitlin3Remember yesterday, when Mommy said Kinley and I…oh, say “hi” Kinley….
Huh???Kinley1Kinley! Say “Hi!”
Oh. Hi.Kinley2Anyway, remember yesterday, when Mommy said Kinley and I were sick? Well, he’s better, don’t let him fool you, he’s just a messy eater. But me? Well…Sick Caitlin1I’m not. In fact, I’m feeling pretty miserable.Sick Caitlin2Not even my Pedialyte is making me feel better. I just feel so yucky…Sick Caitlin3So, until, I’m all better? Mommy is going to be unplugging. She’ll see you guys probably next week, or maybe even later this week. Who knows?? Okay, well, I better go. My throat is hurting and Mommy is calling me over to snuggle. Bye-bye!Sick Caitlin4


6 Responses

  1. Poor thing looks miserable. Poor mommy. Good luck!

  2. Oh no! Feel better soon cutie pie!

    And I love your brother’s space ship outfit. Did you pick that out for him?

  3. Awe poor baby! You gave a great momma that is going to take great care of you! Healing hugs!!

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