Card carrying member of the Smack-A-Ho tribe

Right now? I’m annoyed. Extremely annoyed. It’s been one of those nights. I need a drink.

And if Chris were to have said to me “Babe, he’s crying,” while I was doing dishes tonight, I’m pretty sure I would have channeled my inner-Native American. The Smack-A-Ho Tribe.

Yes, I know he is crying. Yes, I do hear him. No, can you take care of him for fifteen goddamn minutes so I can finish doing the dishes? Please.

Seriously, folks? I’m that annoyed. God have mercy on Chris’ soul, because if he said anything that may have caused me to respond that way, I may have just killed him instead.

In between being told my mashed potatoes were “okay,” and picking half chewed up pot roast out of the carpet, I’m just really over this day in general. It wasn’t a horrible day, just annoying. And long. This week is endlessly long. I mean, tomorrow is only Thursday. Oh my god! I feel like it should be next Tuesday, at least!


So far I’ve been doing okay on my new life. Since I’m sick, I’ve decided to start slow, and have managed to do four out of the six things on my “do everyday  list” on my goal sheet. I’ve been waking up before Caitlin, cooking dinner, showering before noon and becoming painfully aware of what I put into my body everyday. I’m still working on the water thing (I detest water), and since I’m sick, I haven’t really been able to exercise yet. Even tho I’m a night owl, I love being up early in the morning. It makes me feel like my days are so much more productive. This weekend I’ll be starting on the things that I want to complete, so I’m pretty excited. I feel renewed and energized, except for the whole cold thing bringing me down.

To be honest, I’m nervous of where my new life will take me. A lot of things that I’m thinking of will take out of my comfort-zone and open me to new things. Who knows who I’ll be this time next year? But I do know this, I’ll be better for it.


2 Responses

  1. Lady, I don’t know how you do it. It’s ok to be annoyed by change – change is hard. It sounds like you’re doing great.

    And for the record, I really, really want to be part of the Smack-A-Ho Tribe

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