There’s a party in the potty! (That’s just plain gross)

When one of my nieces or nephews was potty training years ago, my mom got them a video called “Potty Party,” I believe. It was gross and made me feel a little nauseous, but knew it had to be watched, so watched it was for hours on end every day. I can’t find the actual video we used, so I apologize, but just envision the most obnoxious song with the only words being “Come to the potty party!” for about an hour and a half playing over and over. It was miserable. Every time I think of potty training now, I think of that video and that song mixed in with Yo! Gabba Gabba’s “party in my tummy” song.

With Caitlin getting so big and becoming so self-sufficient every day, I’ve done a lot of thinking and a lot of talking to Chris. Originally, I wasn’t going to introduce a potty chair until Christmas as her “developmental” gift (last year, she got her first toothbrush), but my post earlier this week and the fact that my niece who is only a couple of months older than her is starting to use her potty chair, it may be time to at least get her used to it.

I know 18 months may seem young, but my thought process is to just have it around. Let her play with it, sit her on it naked, just let figure out what it’s for as we go instead of waiting too long and then getting frustrated and upset when she isn’t grasping it. If she has time to just get to know the potty chair, then she’ll be more comfortable using it, you know?

So, I asked around, looked at prices, compared designs. The best one, as it turns out, is the potty chair Ikea offers. Something about the design of it, where it’s even all the way around makes it easier for kids to use. Plus? It’s only $4. Another one I looked at was the Baby Bjorn, but my GOD, they are expensive. Sorry, $30 for something that she is literally only using to shit in is not a good investment. So the winner?

Click for source

Fisher-Price for $12. BAM!

So now we have our potty chair, and a determined albeit terrified and nervous mommy. And a completely unsuspecting Caitlin who is just all “Yo, check out this thing. I can wear this blue part as a hat!” Thankfully, she hasn’t successfully used it yet.

I have NO IDEA where to begin, or what the fuck I’m supposed to be doing as mom. This morning I just kind of let her play with it and sat her on it for a few moments naked. She just chilled and watched tv and dragged it around, but no tinkling or pooing in it. How does this whole potty training thing even WORK!? Oh my GOD!

I know I said I was just getting it to get her used to it, but now that we have it, I feel the pressure. I feel like there is an impending deadline she needs to be potty trained by, and she’s not even two. I know I need to slow my roll, but the damn frog is just staring at me, laughing. Mocking me.

You thought this would be easy didn't you?


4 Responses

  1. When I first saw that second picture I thought “Gah! The evil eyebrows!” and then realized you’d put them there. Because I would never pee in that thing.

    Hmmm….there are a lot of things wrong with that sentence.

  2. We debated whether or not to buy a potty or to buy one of those seat things you throw ontop of the toilet seat and Chunky was TERRIFIED that he was going to fall in. He got over it though. So far we have the big morning pee down but it’s the rest of the day that we need work on. Because I work part time, it’s hard to get him into some sord of routine…plus, I am lazy…

  3. Good luck! We’ve had some success (I actually blogged about it today) but aren’t quite there yet.

    Love what you did to the potty in the 2nd pic! :-P

  4. M and A both trained on their own within a week of their 2nd birthday, we did not use any petty chairs, they are gross. They simply learned by going to the bathroom with me every. single. time. I went to the bathroom. At just shy of two both of them asked for panties and never looked back . I guess what I’m saying is imitation is the best teacher.

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