Oh, my love

The most amazing thing happened last night.

It was after dinner; everyone had eaten, Caitlin was in bed, Chris was messing with his phone and Kinley and I were talking and giggling and just having a grand ole time in general.

And then I realized something.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

And I started to cry.Kinley

I was amazed with myself. I didn’t even realize when it started.

But I love this little boy. Not just love him, but love him. Kinley smilingThat all consuming love a mom has for her babies. That overwhelming love that just comes out of left field and when you think about it sometimes it leaves you feeling just absolutely breathless, feeling like you got hit by a semi. That love that when you look at them sometimes you just can’t believe you created something so wonderful and beautiful and perfect.Frantic movementsHe cooed and laughed, giggled and smiled. I couldn’t take it, I was just…I couldn’t breath. Oh, my heart. Oh, my soul. The love I have. The love I feel. It makes me happy, so very happy. I’m so glad I have my little man, a perfect mixture of all the most important men in my life, and me. So much of me. Oh, my heart.Dinosaur feetBy the way, did anyone remember how difficult it is to get decent pictures of babies at this age? They wiggle so much!!


2 Responses

  1. I have had John Lennon singing in my head all morning because of this post. What a fabulous little family you have. And those wiggle pictures are pretty great.

  2. The pictures are hilarious, he kind of looks like a turtle struggling to turn over. He has gotten so big! He’s such a cute little guy!
    He will capture your heart more as he continues to grow, little boys have a way of doing that. Then he’ll go off to Kindergarten and…oh never mind. Enjoy him while he is still so little, one day you’ll miss it. Capture every moment with the camera in your heart.

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